A Song

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I wrote this song back in 2016. I believe it was in Late June... Any who. I hope this i Hits you in the feels.

Submitted: September 08, 2018

A A A | A A A

Submitted: September 08, 2018




You are still there...

And you still care

You love with no, hate...

You are truly great



But there is one thing,...

That I just don't get...

Oh please, Don't get mad at me or fret

Not to ask why you are so Stubborn...

But how you broke through my heart of Iron

You said " I never give up on a friend

Because there is this sadness.

That will never end"

So I promised to my self,

That no one will be in gloom

I promise. I will see you in bloom



You made me happy. To be alive..

Forever on your love. I will thrive

I want to say I love you

You must believe me. For that is true



But there is one thing. That I just don't get

Oh please. Tell me why you befriended me

I really need to know. Cuz I can't see



I knew...

That you...

Were too good to be true...



Tu sabes... Que tus labios Son muy sabios

Y tengo razón... Por amar a tu corazón.



You called me smart...

I called you great...

Our love...

They can't ever take...



So let me ask you to sing along...

You can do it there is nothing wrong.

We can even eat some egg-fo-young

All if you just sing... A Song

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