Assisted Suicide

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Submitted: September 08, 2018

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Submitted: September 08, 2018



Assisted Suicide 


If I had a single choice

I’d die in your arms 



The last thing I feel

Would be so surreal 

And I’d go without a fight


I’d die in your presence 

Die in your touch

Suffocate in all your words

That made my foolish heart rush 


I’d lose myself in the electricity

Between our bodies connecting 

Dip my supercharged body in in your watery kiss

And perish without ever regretting 


I’d hang myself in your arms

Wrap them tightly till I can barely breathe 

And I’d jump feet first from atop my walls

Break my neck on the impact of feelings 


And I’d cut myself on your omissions

As I told you honesty would do the trick

And I’d pour out forgiveness as I expired

Until my body went cold and the pool grew thick


And I would have always loved you

Because together my world was sublime

But your “I love you” was poison

And I swallowed it every time


An eight hour drive in the making

Just to breathe your same air

But you locked the garage while I turned the key to my heart

You faded to fumes, I was so oblivious, I’d die in there


As my heart slowed in the foggy car

With losin control blasting in my ears

I saw just your face and faded away

In the comfort I thought I’d have for years


I wish it were that easy

Like our plans and memories just died

Instead I clutch a pillow crying tonight

Because you didn’t even say goodbye 


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