Wondrous Woman

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I wrote this, in 2018. It's part of my 10th poem set, Remembering Relapse.

There, were, many, species, that, took her, words, seriously.

Vagabonds, and civilizations, alike, came, to live, in, her, universe.

Some, brought, their, current, planets, to live, on, while, others, that, were, skilled, enough, built, their, own.

For, those, that, couldn’t do, either, she agreed, to create, them, herself.

She, was, one, of, a kind, and, a wondrous, woman, with, compassionate, care.

When, she, finally, contacted, her, home, planet, they, denied, her, claims, and, threatened, to steal, her, world.

But, she, knew, they, were, lies, because, they, weren't, capable, of, these, ignorant, atrocities.

One day, while, using, her, abilities, she, spotted, a universe, she, had never, seen, or, heard, about, before.

Trying to, make, contact, with, the universe, a lifeform, she, had never, encountered, before, responded, to her, call.

After both, of, them, made, their, formalities, in, a mutual, language, they, began to, talk, about, several, intricate, details.

After asking, many, questions, to each other, the alien, told, her, that, this universe, was, created, by, him, and, two, more, beings.

One, of, them, was, the same, species, as, him, and, the other, was, a different, species, that, came, from, a planet, very, far, away.

She, was, shocked, and intrigued, when, she, discovered, that, this universe, was, created, similar, to hers.

He, informed, her, that, the one, that is, like, him, is, currently, helping, other, species, move, into, their, universe.

While, the other, one, that's, different, went, off, on, his, own, to help, his, old, homeworld.

He, also, informed, her, that, this, universal, idea, was, initially, his, plan, and, they are, currently, awaiting, his, return.

Baffled, by, all, that, she, is, hearing, she, tells, him, to send, her, the coordinates, to the planet, he, went to, so, she, can check, on, him.

He, happily, agrees, after, she, informs, him, of, her, powers, and, how, they, will be, of, assistance.

She, says, she, will contact, him, again, once, she's, discovered, his, whereabouts, and status.

They, telepathically, disconnect, and, she, pinpoints, the coordinates, and, finds, the planet, that, this, civilization, calls, Earth.

She's, amazed, at, the display, that's, encircling, the planet, and, starts to, wonder, if it, was, the work, of, the one, she's, trying to, find.

After, thoroughly, scanning, the planet, multiple, times, with, no, signs, of, luck, or evidence.

She, decides, to further, her, search, away, from, the planet, and, begins to, notice, bizarre, energy, that's, spiraling, and vanishing.

After, fully, focusing, she, realizes, that, this, energy, is, from, the one, she's, searching, for, and, he’s, deteriorating.

Noticing, that, there, isn't, enough, time, to contact, anyone, else, to help.

She, quickly, decides, to use, her, full, power, that, she's, been, reserving, in, an attempt, to physically, save, this, interesting, lifeform, from, certain, demise.

Submitted: September 09, 2018

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