The Old Lake.

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I went down for a walk to the old lake then...

Submitted: September 09, 2018

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Submitted: September 09, 2018



There was a bench facing the lake so I sat down for a rest. Ten minutes later, just as I was about to take a sandwich, I heard help! help! help! coming from the right side. Someone was there, I threw the sandwich back, and without hesitating threw myself in the water.
It was cold, freezing, it bit me hard. I was a good swimmer, so I had no problem getting to where the person was.. It was a young lad about 13. He was really struggling, and held onto me arkwardly. I soon had him under control,and got him safely back to the shore. He was breathing heavily at first, and then nornal breathing, then he was okay. I asked him, when he was in good shape, if he was alone. He told me he was, and had come for a quick dip. At first he said that the water was awfully cold,, but after a while his body got used to it, and he started swimming out. I watrned him to be much more careful, and make sure he has some one else with him next time. He thanked me and trotted off along the track.
I sat back on the bench and believe it or not, there was another shout for help. This time it was a girl about the same age. as the first one. In I went, and brought her safely to the shore. Having done so, I sat back again. An old man came along and started chatting with me. While he was with me, I rescued another boy, a couple years older than the other two. The old man said to me, ''Do you know that I heard a story about a boat sinking there on the old lake where two boys and a girl drowned.''
''Is this real, or is it just a tale?'' I asked.
''It is real,'' the old man said. ''You can read  the story in the local papers.''

After the old man had gone away, I went and had a look at the local news. I found the story and started reading: Two boys and a girl were drowned in the afternoon on Wednesday 15th 2006. What a coincidence, I thought. It was a Wednesday 15th when I rescued those three youngsters. I was thinking now, did it really happened. Of course it did. I was in the old lake three times; and oyh, my God, not one time was I wet.

The End.


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