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One word to describe this poem would be , honest.

Its from the heart.

I started writing my day down in poetry.

It seems like the only way I can describe it, or put it on paper

Submitted: September 09, 2018

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Submitted: September 09, 2018



A little nervous?yes

let's talk about stress, and how to manage living with less

a simple life with no regrets

Did I mess this up already not yet

pawns and Kings Rest in God's hands like it is a game of chess

who am I good question to ask

I can choose to believe the best about me according to the blead blood of Christ and What God Says

declared and put to rest

grasp it

fix it now!

Even if I need to wait it's preparation for a greater blessing I will receive by faith

I am a creation created by the hcreator of the heavens, I can see his face

left to myself I would amount to no single thing, naught,zero,nil

I'm part of the body of Christ now

my future is there to believe for as I follow his leading, pleading the blood over my mind and will

emotions still

under my feet affecting me little

as I stand on the ground that I've won, I've paid its sufferings, till peace in Mount tops came, never small hills

I stand forever like an oak, right standing with my God , as my king will come in a robe as red as blood

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