The Wrong Places For Love

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A list-style poem by a teenaged me feeling feeling happily single and reflecting on her various romantic misfortunes, not with regret, but with a smirk. Written in 2013.

Submitted: September 09, 2018

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Submitted: September 09, 2018



If you’re looking for love
in all the wrong places,
so many wrong places I’ve been:

I’ve grappled with liars
and cheaters alike,
looking, broken, for it in my ice cream.

I’ve been through the flattery,
desperate late-night proposals—
all turned down, for intentions were clear—

and through the smooth-talking coworkers,
with their roommates and friends,
searching, nose-deep, for love in our beers.

Sometimes it’s exciting,
with mysterious strangers—
the opposites you thought might attract,

but, others are awkward—
a friend of a friend,
seeking it in drags of a stale cigarette.

I’ve looked for love with a best friend,
and with his best friend, too—
that nice boy from down the road—

but, it was all just too easy,
safely settled in comfort,
and so both of the relationships slowed.

Many wrong moves I’ve made
in my humble experience
flipping through that little black book,

but, if you’ve never once seen love
in any of these places,
then I’d say that you never have looked.

© Copyright 2019 Jane Steward. All rights reserved.

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