Why I Stayed

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Submitted: September 09, 2018

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Submitted: September 09, 2018



I gave you life 


Pried your eyes open 


Freed you from the self-loathing you'd been drowned in 


Covered you with my skin


So that yours, like mine, would be thick 


I cooled your blood 


Removed your fear


Gave you room to blossom


To discover courage


I matured you in places where your inner child screamed 


Teaching you to be leveled in a world that would constantly test and vex you 


Earth of my Earth 


I watered you 


Massaged your soil with ungloved hands 


How dare you think you'd grow without me 


Grow past me for someone else to pick you 


To enjoy you from seed to beauty


You were mine to nurture 


In my ground 


I kept you even as your petals discolored and fell through seasons 


Continuing to encourage regeneration


Because I stripped you of your reluctance 




I split with you the very energy that was always just supposed to be all mine 


I found myself finally selfless 


In love 


Inside of you


So I'll be damned if I let us wither and die

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