Jack Daniels

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Submitted: September 09, 2018

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Submitted: September 09, 2018



Jack Daniels

The only man she ever loved

Brown complexion

Smooth on her conscience

He is who she trust

Because he does, what others couldn’t

What love should have

He hides the pain

Relieves the shame

Mask the regrets

She forgets




She knows he’ll never leave her

Always there on her shelf

To be used as she pleases

Consumed when she needs it

He caters to her wants, too

And it’s sad that there is no competition

Nothing stronger

Nothing that blacks out those dark periods

Those things that change her mood when she thinks

Or blinks

Just for a second


That man, that man


She never has to ask

Where is Jack?

…when you need him

Because there he is

Right where he said he would be

When she doesn’t want to dig deep

Touching the bottom of the ocean is for dreamers

And she understands her reality

If she cares to drown

Her sorrows are enough

And there he’ll be




Not Jack in the box

Jack the ripper


Jack the Pumpkin King

Not Jack who went up the hill with Jill

But the Jack that feels

The one who’s familiar

Warm then hot on her chest

She’s wrapped her fingers around his neck a thousand times

Kissed him with her lips between sips

And when he’s empty with nothing else to offer

She feels no disappointment

She just replaces him with another

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