The Alone and A Bird

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A young adult female has been alone for nearly her whole life and in all that time, she found it very unpleasant. Her way to ease her loneliness was to write short daily entries. Her one and only
true desire is to find happiness. Will she ever find this so called happiness that she seeks?

Submitted: September 09, 2018

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Submitted: September 09, 2018



Day 1: It feels lonely today. The streets are empty and the wind passes swiftly through my hair. Beyond the sound of the wind is silence. Silence? Why is there only silence? The day before you could hear the bells on bikes and the laughter of young children as you walk past the streets and arrive towards the light. They must be exhausted today. Who could blame them? They did spend the whole day wasting their energy on such meaningless actions. At the same time, I wish I were them… but I’m just… lonely.

Day 2: It’s another day and the neighborhood is noisy again. As I walk by, I notice the glares that the people and children of this neighborhood give me. I wonder if it’s because I always carry this book to write my daily entry. It makes sense that they would since none of them are really fanatics of writing. They don’t even need to write. They know people that they can simply talk to; someone who understands them. They’ll never understand me.

Day 3: I’m continuing my daily routine. While doing so, one of my neighbors stops me to say hi. I didn’t really want to speak, so I tried to keep the conversation short. I must not be interrupted so that I can be on my way to work. I suppose I should try to make this entry longer but my life really isn’t exciting. Sometimes I wonder why I’m even here. Most of the time, I lay in thought and recall parts of my hurtful past. I can’t remember whether or not if I was happy. I doubt I was. I suppose I’ll never know. I don’t even know what happiness looks like.

Day 4: It’s Saturday and I didn’t really need to write my entry early in the morning like I always do. I realized that for most of the morning, I stared blankly at my kitchen window, watching as the birds chirped and sung harmonious songs. There they were, together, and it didn’t seem like they would ever part. After a while, most of the birds left but only one stayed behind. That one bird… continued to stay until the breach of dawn. I don’t know why but I wish that it could’ve stayed longer. I’m all alone again and I am not surprised; that’s how it’s always been.

Day 5: I saw it again. The same bird from yesterday. It’s chirping and singing the very same song as it did yesterday. I got a closer look at it and think I know what type of bird it is. It looks like a blue jay. Its color is my favorite: blue. It’s not with its flock this time, I wonder why. I didn’t notice until now that the bird has a very appealing facet. Its feathers seem delicate, colorful, and soft; I’ve never seen anything like it. I still wonder why it’s alone. Could this bird be just like me?

*After a while of the birds singing, it grew tired and flew away.*

Day 6: I have to go back to work today. I wonder if I’ll see that bird before I leave. For some reason, when I’m with that bird, I don’t really feel lonely. It’s strange and I don’t think I’d ever get used to it. Although, its company isn’t a bit unpleasant. I doubt I’ll ever see that bird again anyway. My fate has always been to be alone; to only live through this life. What part would a single bird play in my life anyway? Even so, it was fun while it lasted. I haven’t smiled in quite a long time but I feel that I was only able to because the blue jay… understood me.

Day 7: It’s as I believed, I’ll probably never see that bird again. I haven’t really seen it around either. I guess I’ll just continue walking. *I take a step, and see a blue feather lying on the ground near a tall and narrow tree. I hear a chirp.* It’s that bird. * I tilt my head in an upward direction to face the sky and the top of the narrow tree. I see the bird.* I’m smiling. Am I happy? Could it be that I’m no longer alone? I still have to go to work so I guess I’ll have to see that bird later. I can’t amount to losing a single day of work.

Day 8: Yesterday, that bird ended up following me and on the other side of the window, it waited until it saw me make my exit towards the door from my work. As the distance between the building and I grew further, the bird would continue to follow me at my pace. It was strange but I guess that just like me, it didn’t want to feel alone either. I haven’t seen it with its flock after all. Perhaps that bird too envies those who say to live a happy life without despair. Why must anyone feel alone? To me, it’s the worst feeling that anyone could ever come to possess. I know this from experience.

Day 9: Today I opened my window when I saw that bird awaiting outside. As soon as I did, I saw the bird swoop in rapidly into my home. It chirped once more and it seems that it too was happy to not be alone. I fed it small rations of white bread and watched as it slowly and surely consumed them. After hearing its calming and tuneful singing, the bird flew out the window. It felt as though its singing was a way of thanks for the bread. The bird made me smile once again after hearing its tranquil and reassuring tune. Later that day, I was told by a woman I had never seen before that the bird had been known to attempt to heal the pain that it saw in others due to its own past. I was right, the bird was just like me.

*Two days without writing my daily entries.*

Day 12: I’ve barely realized it but it seems that I’m more communicative today. That bird is starting to change me. I guess that I finally found hope by simply having that bird around. I read my old entries. It seems like that bird really did free me from the chains that had been pulling me down for as long as I can remember. I have faith that perhaps one day, I’ll be happy again, and will be able to forget about my painful past. If I ever do, I’ll owe it all to that bird. I feel free, and I’m glad that I get to see the bird every day.

*Another day without writing an entry.*

Day 14: It’s strange. I haven’t seen that bird around all day. Could it be that it returned to its flock? I doubt it. Maybe it’ll be back by tomorrow. Either way, I can’t allow this to bring me down. After all, the only reason why I can once again say that I’m happy is because of that bird. My life is no longer being taken over by the likes of loneliness. Lately, I’ve had many other things to do. I actually went hiking with a few friends I made recently. I don’t think I ever had much fun in my life. It’s surprising how much my life has changed in only 14 days. I wish everything would have been clear to me sooner. I hope I get to see that bird tomorrow.

Day 15: I ran into that same lady from that other day; the one who told me about blue jay. She said that... the bird… had passed on. I couldn’t believe it. I can’t believe it. Does she expect me to take in her lies! I won’t believe it. I can’t. That bird has done so much for me that I just can’t stand to believe that it’s gone. It can’t be! There’s no way.

Day 16: It was true. The bird had been shot by a group of male teenagers playing with slingshots. I don’t want to believe it but it’s true. It feels just like it did years ago. I feel like I just lost everything I had. Am I truly destined to be alone forever?! Was this truly my fate? Was I really right all along? I feel like I’ve lost all hope. The only thing keeping me sane was that bird. It was able to console me, to remove all the pain I felt, and now it’s gone. I guess I really am meant to be alone.

*Three days went by without any new entries.*

Day 20: The same lady who told me the news came by today. I guess I never mentioned her name in here but it’s Amber. I guess she came to remind me about what the blue jay was trying to accomplish. I finally remembered and understood. The blue jay was only trying to heal the pain I felt inside and it had fulfilled its mission. Even after death, I am sure that the blue jay would have wanted me to be happy. I won’t let the bird’s death to have been in vain, nor will I allow its efforts to be meaningless. I’ll try, no matter how long it takes, to be happy again. This time, it won’t take me as long as it did before. That bird meant a lot to me and it eased my pain. I could never repay the astonishing favor that the bird did for me. The only thing that I know that I can do, is to be happy that I met the bird, and that I was able to meet a living thing in this world that I know understood me.




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