Ode to Trepidation

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Submitted: September 09, 2018

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Submitted: September 09, 2018



i haven’t had peace

i haven’t had rest

staring at the sink of

vital clots and crushed teeth

deteorating and under attack and

friendships that just don’t make sense

chunks of skin are falling

streaks of claret paint the walls

i’m still here in the flesh

feeling naked

my bones are weary

every breeze

gust of wind

every storm whistles through my cavities

stripping me of sanity

stalagtites, stalagmites

beneath my pillow

waiting for Her to arrive

skeleton hands reaching in

to take them from me

stroking my throat

in its bony grip

i’m choking, i’m drowning

i can’t feel my nose

She always comes at night

i grind them, i bite them

they keep falling out

She picks up my pieces

leaves me a dollar

my head is pounding

and my ribs have shattered

my lobes are infected

from viruses i created

there’s a glow in my mouth

it keeps me awake

the light burns my retinas

i can’t see a thing

this dream isn’t feeling sweet

peeling the skin off my face

my Tooth Fairy is erecting screams

i know, i know it’s just my sleep

you wake up, you escape

i’m over the bend

and this time on repeat

i know who i am

you have to hit bottom

to get back to the top

climb your caverns

collect your teeth

wipe away tears

staining your cheeks

i’ve cracked open the window

of lessons on lampposts

an acceptance of annoyances

a question of standards

an admittance of sins

you’re stuck in a nightmare

She finally leaves

take back your money

stand on your feet

look in the mirror

you’re finally free

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