As Ruined As All Hell

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taken from my book, "Flavortism"

Submitted: September 10, 2018

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Submitted: September 10, 2018



As Ruined As All Hell


I guess the cookies aren't coming

The batch was always from

__the former secretary

Oh well

I needed a meeting

I'm sittin' here in my wake

Frightened to death

__of seeing you Wednesday

The words you said

__still fresh in my brain

Hurting me ev'ryday

How you could be so cruel is beyond me

At this late hour in the day

I sit here not baking my brains

Any of them

And now that I've lost my way

The means and ways of life seem so hard

I just wana escape

You can't take me to a resting place

__inside of me

____like you always done


I wrecked what we were

Which wasn't much

But it was thee "us" that we were

Though something tells me it was all a lie

I know what I did wrong

It's so hard to carry on

My world's upside down

I've lost all will for us to become anything

And you're sick of me anyway

Why I thought I was in love with you

__boggles my mind

And until I die

__I will not know why

And, understanding, I cannot request from you

So I will let you slip away

As this ship sinks

__I'll drown in thee abys of loss

But you're a tough girl

You've moved on

I could never latch onto you right

Knowing you could never be mine

__should have stopped me in my tracks

But it didn't

And now I try and swim away from the current

That drifted me to you in the first place

But that's even harder

I know nothing of what you wanted out of me

But you got rid of me

Not the quick an easy way

But you got rid of me

__either way

Now my hopelessness leaves me helpless

I'm learning to see

__that you setting me free

____is something I should be grateful for

But it's hard to let go of some one

__that I lovd so much

Even if I know whith all my heart

__that I can never love you now

Soom, somedy, I'll forget all about you

But right now it's eating me up inside

But I don't have to wish for death

You've killed me, spiritually, already

But my story isn't over yet

You've sent me to Hell

To keep me here

__to rot in my regret

____for however long it takes

______for this not to be my topic

________of my todays

I had my choices

Yet, I've made the wrong ones

And I cannot blame you

For the things I drove you to say

How I made you feel

__is comepletely understandable now

But I've burned my bridges

There's no way to amend what I've done

In you, I see "hate"

And that will never change


09-08-'18 #3

D. L. Cannon

© Copyright 2019 DLCannon. All rights reserved.

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