The Act

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Submitted: September 10, 2018

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Submitted: September 10, 2018



The Act


When I am to disappear

The moon will howl.

The tide will cease, the sun will go dark.

When the act begins

The moon hesitates, it does not want to be heard.

The tide resists; all it has ever known is coming and going.

The sun thinks nothing; solemn, knows it will continue long after me.

When I disappear the only thing that will change is ghost to air.

Feeling to freedom, I will no longer be nothing- I will be everything.

The first act, they will pluck me from the clouds

Tell me I know better than to make them uncomfortable.

And the sun rises. And the tide comes; the moon only whispers.

Tell me, who am I, when not flirting with madness?

If not, demander of attraction, sidewalk with no end?

I am confident in this: I will make you feel with me.

Intrigued, the birds flock. The ants march. The audience pools.

After all, her disappearance is mere act. Complete illusion.

She comes back eventually; this is how they call my bluff.

When I disappear,

It will strike charade, facade,

Hoax, if there ever was one.

The moon crumbles, the tide floods, the sun envelops

The audience applauds, awaits my return, assumes effortless restoration.

You, too, will end up here someday.

You would be foolish to think I wasn’t ahead from the start;

Miles and miles and miles apart

Yes, all this time.

It’s been me all along.


© Copyright 2019 Sadie E. McQueary. All rights reserved.

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