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Submitted: September 10, 2018

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Submitted: September 10, 2018



When the white finally peeks from behind the curtain

And our journey in black almost comes to an end

All those years we waited for the moon to set

Suddenly, now all these seem to be so little

If, the stars hold our memories

And feelings that once thought to be sufferings

Then, I don't want the sun

To bloom this flower

It was such a long night of snowfall

Fighting, crying for the light of dawn

All the things we did, the words we said,

The love and hatred we cherished

Sun will again set welcoming the same moon

But the same stars will not be visiting soon

Suddenly, with the night, I'm in love

Even for a moment, with this torture

When the ride finally stops at the waited spot

And this long journey has tied an unwanted knot

I am too emotional to take someone close to heart

Finally, now I wish this travel never stops at all

If, time limits our bonds

With a line that holds our wants

Then, I don't want a clock

To create my desired future

This is a new morning of desired light

I tried for this, for the brightest shine

But the past I passed, the ones I love

I don't want myself, flying without all

We will surely walk on different nights

Showing each other fake smiles

Inside, we will be crying on these roads

Waiting for time, to soother our sorrows

Fireworks will be farewelling us tonight

Its not like we have other choice

Again, our mornings will become noon

We will count new stars under one moon

Maybe, somewhere closer enough

Enough to be close

Maybe, again our roads will cross

Maybe, again we will count the same star

Until then, we will stay in each others hearts

© Copyright 2019 MARIA KUZENARI SHINOHARA. All rights reserved.

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