Cosmic Knight Episode 3 Part 1

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Submitted: September 10, 2018

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Submitted: September 10, 2018



It was 6 O' clock of the morning and Sam was sleeping in his room. The alarm clock rang after five minutes as usual he set it always on five minutes past six. Sam was awakened by the alarm, getting out of his bed Sam walked toward to his washroom to get fresh. William was sitting downstairs on his armchair. Suddenly a man appeared in front of him from nowhere, he was a short heighted man well dressed in black suit with a red tie and light brown hair. William was not surprised by his appearance, seems that he was just waiting for him only. They had a short and low sounds conversation with each other. After a few minutes the man disappeared in air. After a couple of minutes Sam came out of his room and walked downstairs. Where he found his grandfather sitting on his armchair.

William looked back and saw Sam, he asked him to get ready for his school and they will leave after fifteen minutes. Sam went upstairs to get himself ready for school. William also pulled up his court and drove the car out of garage and waited for the arrival of Sam.

Just after ten minutes Sam was there well dressed in his white shirt and navy blue pants with his black bag pack along with his black shoes. "Come on Sam we are getting late." said William. Sam got into the car and William drove the car outside of the mansion a in the road. During the trip Sam asked when he can use his powers to which he replied soon very soon. William said " When your will return home I will have a gift for you."

To be continued......

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