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Submitted: September 10, 2018

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Submitted: September 10, 2018



the rain gives
and the rain takes away

I walked up a normally dry wash today
that took out a road
I've been traveling to hike in the woods
just to see the damage
and come up with a plan
to move forward

a wall of water rumbling down the coulees
filled the culvert with stones
only heavy machinery can lift now
then ripped out four feet of banked clay
twelve feet wide in places
and trees you couldn't get your arms around
roots and all went away in tangled masses lodged into crotches of earth
like a horrible beaver dam piled grotesquely downstream
like they were pebbles
and twigs

just sandcastles
and paper buildings
to the flood
there was nothing humans could do to stop it

perhaps that's the point

its between rains
and all of us are out here
trying to figure out how to rebuild
each of our own small worlds now
after neighbor
after neighbor
out poking around in the wake
wondering what's next
wondering what's really worth it
floodwater now
above the roofs of where homes used to be
mud a foot thick
where there were roads
only two days ago

perhaps that's the point

and I get heavy
because the driftless is part of me
and I brought tow chains and straps
and my good chainsaw and generator in the truck
should I need them
and I knew I wasn't the only one

perhaps that's the point

everyone is out now
and checking in on people
stopping and asking
if everything is ok
stopping on the roads to ask
because we've been here before
in 97 and 98
in 07 and 08
and now this one
that probably tops them all

perhaps that's the point

because this is what makes us community
when disasters strike
everything dissolves
but the sanctity of life
and the survival of our ways

and we will survive this whole fucking thing damnit
every last bit of it

it's what makes us who we are here
in our own special corner of earth
it's why we really chose the Driftless
in the end

perhaps that's the point
because nature gives
and nature takes away
and we know that here
just as much as anyone could

and I
for one
ain't going anywhere

© Copyright 2018 peter engen. All rights reserved.

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