"Purpura Amare"

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: September 10, 2018

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Submitted: September 10, 2018



He fits me so perfectly,

Like the shades between the sun and sea,

A symmetry


But what is “natural”, indeed?


To deny just why my bones might break,
If he’d not just said, ‘okay’,

To ignore what happens in my mind

When his eyes lock onto mine,

To pretend that I don’t even know,

He takes a breath

And swallows me whole,

To deny the miracle

That he might have known all along,


That he’s stayed with me the same,

Hasn’t choked and ran away,

Or recoiled at my touch

Lie to myself . . .

Are you serious?


For the man I am and man in me,

It’s nothing if it isn’t free,

Bodies melt when hearts collide,

It’s drop-dead passioned suicide,



Breathless gaze,

Haunts my dreams again for days,

I stare too long into the deep,

Next thing I know, it isn’t me




What is “me”?

What does that mean?

How I’ve separated things,

Keep it away,

And I’ll stay sane,

I’ll stay the same,

Ever the same . . .


But bring that fire close to me,

And it may just burn down everything,

Devour every semblance of,

Who I was before this love,

What makes you think that I can change?

You look at me

And draw my shame,

With beautiful and broken strokes,

Beauty in what’s seen most,

You dip and dive right into me,

You probably don’t know the things,



You could do,

If you should choose,

I relinquish all control to you,

It’s a wonder that I even cared,

What’s outside that door 

Is not in here,


‘I’ve got you,’


Held closely,

I’ve never felt so insecurely me,

Now my lips are trembling,

Won’t you just let go of me?


This is bad.


‘This is bad.’


‘Since when is it?’


I want to dig my fingers in 

Right through your chest,

Around your heart,

Squeeze until it bursts apart.

That is what you do to me,

Your Psiren song,



I’m shaking now

These tremors burn

A lesson that’s so hard to learn,


‘Tell me it will be okay

To love a man with everything.

To be that man in front of me.


If it is you

I do not care,

I will go near anywhere-“


Haven’t we been everywhere?’


You’re smiling.


In awe and both hands open wide,

I reach into your mouth to find,

The source of this drunken tune,

That’s got me so damn into you,


You laugh now

How can that be?

When did you get lighter than me?

When did you grow before my eyes?

How did I get left behind?


Guess I lost our great big race,


‘Never really lost a thing.’


‘Kiss me red,’


So that this blue,

Washes right on over you

And I

And we may be the same,

Crash upon the shore again

Each a whole

And different man,

Then let the hue take us again


Because I will

With you,

And I vow,


Chase this violet fantasy,

I know that love is,

That its been this,

You stopped 

And I’m so glad you did.




And that’s the last of it,


Your signature line,


I’m gone with the wind,


Sunsets on the horizon now,

I’ll take my place between the clouds.

I am warm and comfortable,

Because in this life

I have it all.

We part

And all I can manage to say


Besame rojo . . . otra vez,’


© Copyright 2019 CrystinaAi. All rights reserved.

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