The man

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

A man follows Eliza and Sasha's life...

Submitted: September 10, 2018

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Submitted: September 10, 2018



A knock came from the door, startling Eliza and Sasha, who were busy in their room. They looked at each other, trying to find an explanation. They had to get dressed. 

The door opened when Eliza came, so she jumped, thinking it was someone from the bank. He wore a dark coat, and a fedora as well, hiding his face. He growled, and looked up. Gray eyes on a pale face, with saggy lips, and wrinkled skin. He gave an uneven smile, showing aged teeth. He had a weirdly misshapen tooth in his mouth, like a bone, but Eliza ignored that, and let him in. 

Sasha prepared the bills in the kitchen, giving a firm nod as she saw the money lie perfectly on top of the table. Neat 20's. She heard a scream. She quickly grabbed a knife, and stood against the cabinets, the cruel blade pressing against her back. A man came into her kitchen, giving her a check-up.

"Perfect material." He murmured. He grabbed her by the waist, and put his bumpy nose to her hair. She felt air on her scalp as he gave a whiff. She felt his body melt into hers, and heard the moan as he felt her ass.

"Lovely." He whispered.

Eliza woke up on the bed, ropes binding hers to the posts. She groaned, aching. The door was slightly ajar, revealing her fiancee and the man on the couch, him slowly undressing her. Sasha squirmed as he leaned in close to her breasts, then stopped when he saw Eliza staring. He shushed Sasha, and hit her face, making her black out. Eliza struggled as she saw him nearing her, checking her out. He saw him nod in approval as he saw her. She realized she was naked. She squirmed, and whimpered as he got close, drawing a knife out of his pocket, drawing it across the line seperarting her breasts.

"IOh, yes, you'll both do very nicely." He whispered, then smacked her with a bat.


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