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Submitted: September 10, 2018

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Submitted: September 10, 2018



He didn't know who she was

even as he gazed curiously.

Underneath the curtains of her eyes,

there were masks of lies.

She wasn't another name

even if she was barely awake.

Her gift of words and her silent plea,

made him want to defy even their fate.

She was alone but quite like him,

the acts of injustice only made them resilient.

The pain they buried in the sheets of their pasts,

laughed and danced around their cage.

His key, she chose to be,

yet her world of nightmares,

wouldn't just wash away.

There were times he despaired,

unable to wake her from slumber.
Like tiles of dominoes, one after another

Like a wave, been going forever

You can shift it a little, in your favor

A friend he wasn't going to be,

their puzzles were one and the same.

When she appeared like the beauty she was,

alluring him with her whole being.

He didn't need a thing yet he craved her,

she was the one to open purgatory.

Gazing at her masterpiece,

He made up his mind and paid the cost

to become the catalyst for her awakening.

Worry not to what end

Listen to the whispers of the wind

When it's a good thing

you never know if it's too late and

to find you, it's better late than never.

Just a touch and oh I am shivering

Holding back the demon is all I am doing

Oh no, baby, you're made for much, much more.


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