The Streets Have Never Been The Answer

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Submitted: September 10, 2018

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Submitted: September 10, 2018



The Streets Have Never Been The Answer. Waves of injustice flood the streets of the concrete jungle.Time is money, money is power, and power hungry people will kill to get out the struggle.What is adolescences to do but mimic and survive when deprived of better options sold on dreams of a big stack money bundle. Addicted to the hustle... That high you get makes you feel like a king you rule the block your soldiers ready for anything.Haters hating you will never know why but if they sing you will turn that e major into a e flat line if you know what i mean. A lot of brothers die trying to play the game but do not know the rules. They try to build a kingdom but do not got the tools. Young brothers drop out of school not knowing that knowledge is the kindle and the pen is the fuel.The streets have never been the answer. Yet the system keeping us fools and Gun violence spreads like a virus. I wonder if we will ever learn i wonder if we will ever turn a new leaf burn the bridges of mental weakness and learn how to speak. Politicians are the biggest gangsters lack of education makes sure we stay on the streets our vision stays bleak and superficial entertainers selling us dreams. Dreams of a lavish life style…. Most of us reach but our hands are cut short.  There goes young Thomas full of grit, full of drive, and has a fire in his eyes. He was not like the rest and He was humble though he knew he was the best. His style…. Fresh…. To….. Death….. His pen was his weapon, He wrote songs, He wrote poems, and a symphony of facts.He dropped it on his brothers like he was recording tracks. He often spoke about how the system keeping us down and to beat the system was to know the system. He was a young kat but you could tell he had been around saw things and learned from it unlike his cousin. He hung around with him a lot to show him the error of his ways till one fateful day. Trouble had followed them pulled the barrel out the window of a car and let the ak spray.Multiple shots fired! Two bodies hit the ground tires screech then silence in the air there was not a sound. The darkness of the night brought out the monsters and the hounds. Bodies picked clean….. Not one thing left except the dreams that he had written with his pen. He became another statistic in the end. The very thing he feared now was him. Lights out game over…… The streets have never been the answer the good die young guess the system wins again

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