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Yet, another song I have written, this one was written between late April and early May of 2017. I hope you can see the true feelings.

Submitted: September 10, 2018

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Submitted: September 10, 2018




I know you said not to cry

Believe me, I truly have tried

Nothing seems to work, I cannot hide the tears.

No amount of smiles will make me say...




I'm so pathetic,

I cannot tell you,

How much you mean to me!

I AM so worthless,

I cannot find the...

Light in the darkness!


I made a promise,

I wanna keep it,

But here I stand and,




You told me to believe in you

Trust me, There is nothing I can do.

All I can do is,

Hold your hand and,

Hug you and Say,

"It's gonna be okay"!



I'm so pathetic

I cannot even satisfy no matter how hard I try

I am so worthless

I cannot even care for you 



I already lost you

Why do I keep writing?

I know our love has faded

That is why I'm crying


(Slow) (#=different singers)

(1) I am so sorry

(2) I cannot hug you

(3) I wanna be there

(4) To make you happy

(1) I am so stupid

(2) What am I saying?

(3) I'm sure you moved on

(4) I need to do that too.



I'm so pathetic

I am so lonely

Why am I here again?

I am so worthless

I'm such a disgrace



(1) Does he love you

(2) As much as I still do?

(3) I'm so sorry

(1) I am in so much pain!

(2) Please don't follow

(3) It hurts all over

(1) I cannot run that fast!

(2) I guess you found me

(3) There's no denying

(4) I will not hide the tears.

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