Praying for a Prodigal

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Submitted: September 10, 2018

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Submitted: September 10, 2018



Oh, my love, I wish you’d understand

Despite the pain you’ve caused

All I want to do, when I think if you, is hold your hand


You see my love, it’s not about me

What’s at stake is your soul

I want to bring you home

And in that, both God and I play a role


You see my love, it’s not about me

These demons you’re fighting, you can’t even see

I want to help you clear your mind

Because it breaks my heart to see your pain

These spirits around you I can surely bind

But until you heal, you will remain blind


I guess, my love, it’s a little about me

The agony and despair are real

I wish you cared how I feel


You promised me, together we would be, for life

You loved me so much

You made me your wife

But you are so broken

That away you went, at the first sign of strife


But our love is strong, so here I wait

Even if the time Is long


Oh, my love, can’t you see?

She has an expiration date

T’was the devil that brought you together

Not fate


God gave you to me

You were a gift

And so, you, to him, I lift.


You do not love her, you can’t

For we are one

This thing you’re chasing

It’s new, it’s cool, it’s fun

But none of it is real

God knows how you truly feel


She does not love you, she can’t

For you are mine

You put up a convincing front

But I know you aren’t fine


You are both deceived

Living in sin

Remaining captive

To the brokenness within


But my love can cover it

For love never fails

Her “love” for you my dear

In comparison, pales


For you, my love, I will stand

Forever I will stay

Because all I want to do, when I think of you, is hold your hand


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