So, This is what is feels like.

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Today is the first day at your new job site and you needed to make a good first impression and sleeping in won't help that. But its time for change, you have been hiding away in the shadows for to
long... but its up to you if you become the hero you know you can be or the villain everyone knows you already are. What will you choose?

Submitted: September 10, 2018

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Submitted: September 10, 2018



~ Beep Beep Beep Beep ~


Its 5:00 am and your Alarm begins to blare at you.


With a heavy grunt you roll over to hit the snooze and snuggle deeper into the covers of your bed.


~ Beep Beep Beep Beep ~


15 minutes later it goes off again. This time you need to get up; but you don’t, you never do.


It’s now 6:00 am as you jolt awake, that’s it you are going to be late again. Today is the first day at your new job site and you needed to make a good first impression. By the time you are out the door you look like a total mess; your clothes are creased, your make-up is a messy and no matter how hard you try you can’t get rid of the stupid cow lick residing from the top of your forehead, so you just put on you hood, jump in the car and head for work.


Radio ~ good morning listeners, it’s currently 6:30am Monday morning with a frosty 6 degrees, be sure to rug up folks it’s going to be a cold week. Now to the news; police are still yet to catch 36 year old Michael blue. He is wanted by local and federal police for 5 gruesome murders. Local authorities are still unsure on how he committed the murders but there is enough evidence left at the scene to charge Michael. If you have any further information please contact you nearest authorities.


You stare blackly at the open road in front of you, the darkness welcomes you, and it makes you feel safe and wanted……..


~ Rubble…….. ~


~ By the stars I didn’t eat breakfast again!! ~ You yelled at yourself.


 It doesn’t matter now, if you get food you are going to be even later. You just going to have to deal with it.


By the time you arrive at work the sun is sitting on the horizon burning that golden yellow into the lushes green grass, the birds are singing their morning song and the low level mist is creating a cloud like carpet, the morning can’t be more perfect.


Too bad you don’t care, you put your headphones in and blast your favorite song. Hood on, head down and just watching what’s down at your feet because to you there is nothing more interesting than you beat up converses.


The clock chimes 10am when you walk through the main doors of your office building, an hour late like every day. Every day is the same with you isn’t it? Wake up, go to work, come home and sleep. That’s it!

But today was different, there is a group of people waiting in the lobby, people with whom you had work with and some you don’t recognize.

You keep your head down, not wanting to make eye contact with anyone in fear that they will try to talk to you. Then you see it, the worst possible thing, and another pair of shoes opposite your own.

Do they want to talk to you? Ask you something? Or maybe even fire you! Or simply you could be in his way. Yes, that’s got to be it. You take a step to the left, he follows.  A step to the right perhaps, nope… he still standing in front of you. By the stars please don’t talk to me.


He clears his throat, to get you attention. That’s it you don’t have a choice, you stop breathing for a moment and look up still not wanting to make eye contact. Oh no it’s your boss, he looks displeased with you. Then again who isn’t displeased with you?


“You have kept me waiting, Miss Qyn” screamed the boss


Oh please don’t say my name… I really hate it when some says my name.


“Well now that we are all here, let’s go.”


You turn on the spot and ahead in the opposite direction from the group.


“That means you too Miss Qyn” His voice echoed throw the lobby, now everyone is looking at you… again. 


ARHH, Stop using my name! I hate it!


Oh how I want to run home back to my nice warm bed and be surrounded by familiar darkness once more.

But you can’t, you need this job, you need to survive.


~ Ping ~


The elevator doors open and everyone piles in. ARHH, people are too close to me, just don’t make eye contact and keep your music in. By the stars this is awkward.


“So, I bet you are wondering why I’ve gathered you here today.”


That’s when the elevator came to a grinding halt! Some had pushed the emergency stop button!


Chapter 2


This can’t be happening, not here, not now. The elevator is pack with people, you maneuver your way into the furthest corner from the main doors. It’s warm there, the shadows surround you making you feel safe, like they always have.


That’s when the elevator started moving again, but in the opposite direction. Instead of heading up to our individual floors it heads down. G floor….. Basement…. lower-basement, I wasn’t even aware we had one of those…. But it didn’t stop there it kept going.


“What is going on?”  Someone yelled


That is what I would like to know as well.


When we finally came to a stop, you look up, level HQ? What the hell is that? I guess everyone else has noticed too, they all have a confused look on their faces.


When the doors open we are amazed by what we see, a huge underground complex filled with strange equipment, high tech computers and some type of scanner.

Is this some super creepy underground lab where they study and preform experiments on people? Oh wonderful I’m going to die today.


“Welcome all to Headquarters, this place has been used trained heroes throughout the ages and now it your turn. Today’s society are in need of a new generation of heroes, heroes who protect and serve the people.” The boss’s speech continues.


Between your inquisitive nature and your music you barely caught a word of what your boss is saying. Wandering through the all the weird and wacky looking tech, until once again you feel all eyes on you. You spin around and no doubt everyone is looking at you again.

Can people please stop doing that! It’s embarrassing.


“Miss Qyn, can you focus please? Did you even hear a word I said?” The boss is now very irritated and it’s most likely your fault.


….I’m not even going to complain anymore…


“Yes I did, sir” I said in quiet but firm voice.


Everyone is gob smacked and is now looking at you in a very bizarre way. What on earth did I do now? You spoke dummy, you haven’t said a word to anyone and they probably thought you were mute or something. Just get your butt back over to everyone and act natural.

“Moving on, I handpicked every one of you because of who you are, your abilities and your personality make you special, it makes you sit apart from the crowd.” That’s when the boss lifted up a box from the other side of the room and hovered it right next to him. Telekinesis! That’s so cool! Everyone else is in aww as I am.


“That’s nothing! Check this out!” yelled some random no one cares about.


He steps out in front of everyone and in a second his skin changes to solid metal. Now everyone is showing off some crazy ability they have! From summoning fire to super strength they cover pretty much everything.


Wait….. Anyone else see how crazy this is? I mean we all have a super ability? In today’s age most people won’t believe that powers like these even exist and we have 20 or so people with those abilities right here.. In the same room?! I mean what the hell!


The next few hours people mingle, they talk about their abilities, when and how they got them. But not me I stand alone in the corner listening to everyone else talk. I know it’s wrong to do so but I don’t like interacting with people but somehow it feels lighter, less awkward maybe because they are all like me in a weird kind of way.


“Will everyone please gather around the simulator, testing will begin shortly” a female synthetic voice rang clear through the room.


Everyone did as they were told, soon we were standing in a sterile white room. Just white, nothing but white walls and ceilings.


“Here is where you will demonstrate your abilities, test your strengths and learn your weakness. Miss Qyn… you shall go first”


WHY? Why does the boss always pick on me? And why do I have to go first? Just go up there and show everyone what you can do! No more hiding from who you are, you need to embrace your abilities! Give them a show!


You walk into the middle of the room, all eyes on you once again.


“Hit the targets when they appear, Hit the first target to begin” The synthetic voice echoes in my ear.


Can I really let lose? You throw back you hood reviling your long wine-red hair. Thank the stars the stupid cow lick has gone. The bright lights hurt your eyes, with a quick hand gesture you dim the lights to a mere candle glow. Darkness and shadows are your allies embrace them.

I summon every bit of energy to manifest two daggers made of nothing but shadow. I become one with the shadows, moving effortlessly between them, striking each target as a go. Until a loud buzzer rings to signal the end of the test. The targets disappeared as fast as they came and my daggers vanish in a puff of smoke. With another quick hand gesture the lights return to normal and you hood goes back on your head where it belongs.


Once again everyone is watch you, eyes wide with astonishment. Just feeling a little proud of myself, I make my way back over to the group. They all applauded me when I rejoined everyone else, I haven’t felt confidence like that in… well forever!


The day continues on and each person has their turn in the simulator, one after another each person shows off their abilities. It’s truly impressive how people can do some things, like have fire dance from their hands or have incredible marksmanship. It’s amazing!

We all start heading home for the night we all chat and socialize with each other, even me! Yes you are talking to people this is a very good improvement! Everyone is happy but there is a lingering question on everyone’s lips, why are we just coming together now? For what purpose?


Chapter 3


A new day dawns, well not really the sun isn’t even up yet. But none the less you are excited for the day, your new job awaits. You actually make an effort this morning to look presentable, jean, boots, nice jacket and you did you hair into a long ponytail. You look smashing!


You jump into the car earlier than you have ever been, blast on that music and off you go to work bright eyed and bushy tailed.


~ Rubble…….. ~


“Ah, I have plenty of time to get food now!”


You pull into the closest fast food place and head in to get breakfast, a ham and cheese toasty should do it, oh maybe a coffee as well.


You drive along eating and singing way to the radio, not at the same time, thankfully. That’s when you see it, a shadow figure standing on the side of the road. As you get closer you can see its looks more and more like a middle-aged man. You have slowed down to a mere crawl when you drive pass and you lock eyes with the stranger, the menacing look in his eyes shows of hatred and anger. You tear yourself from his gaze and continue driving along, you try to forget what happened but his eyes are burnt onto you mind.


“Finally” I whisper under my breath creating a small cloud of condensation as I exhale.


Walking in to the build foyer, you make your way to the lift, when you stop. Where do I go? Do I go to my desk where I was meant to go yesterday? Or do I head down stairs? How do I even get down stairs? Screw it, I’m just going to sit here until someone comes along.

What makes you think they will know where to go? You need to figure this out!


You jump into the next empty lift, which is easy because there is no one is here yet. You stare at the buttons and feel around the edges for hidden panels. But nothing…. How did he do it yesterday? You start to recall what went down yesterday, but you were at the back and couldn’t see, but you did notice he was standing near the back too, so maybe the switch is back there! You feel around the back panel and you must have triggers something because the panel slid to the side exposing a scanner of some sort. The scanner comes to life scanning you entire body from head to toe.


“Access Granted” It was the same synthetic voice as yesterday. Nice.


The elevator headed down until it reached HQ and the doors opened. But everything was dark except from the glow of some of the equipment.


“Now, how do I turn the lights on?”


“Like this” alleged the synthetic voice and no doubt the lights came on.


“Who are you?”


“I am Omni, An A.I. I was designed to assist in your hero training, also I am here to answer any questions you may have”


“An A.I! Are you self-aware?” My excitement is grow rapidly. I mean an A.I? How awesome is that!


“Yes, I have an adaptive matrix which allows me to continue expanding my knowledge”


“That’s seriously awesome!” Ok that it I’m having a geek moment, this is far too cool to be real!


“Thank you, Ash”


The conversation continues on for a while, until we are interrupted by the elevator. The same group of people from yesterday walk out of the lift, shortly followed by the boss.


“I swear, if Miss Qyn is late one more day, I will……” The Boss trails off when he meets my gaze


 You are sitting on a black couch, surrounded by unnatural darkness. To most people you look like a shadow yourself.


“You will what?” my voice rang clear through the hushed room. 


“How the hell did you get down here?” I honestly can’t tell if he is angry or surprised… maybe both.


“I found the switch in the elevator, it wasn’t that hard” I say with a smirk.


Oh the look I got from my boss was priceless!


“Well now that everyone is here, we can begin. We will start by putting everyone into teams and assigning work areas.”


Just as he said people file off their designated area. My area was at the right at the back in the corner… perfect. It had desks, couches, bean bags and a nice little coffee table.

I can see two people heading over, I guess it’s time to meet my new squad mates.

The first is a young man, no more than 19 years old.


“Hey, I’m Allister and I have the Power of ICE!” he proclaims as the air around his hands grew cold and a frosty blue covered the surface of the skin.


“It’s nice to meet you, Allister. I would shake your hand but I don’t want it to be frozen for the rest of the day.”


“And I’m Commander Cullen, Special Forces.” He offers me his hand with a little smirk in his face.


His grip is firm and warm… and metallic? I twist his wrist around to reveal a mechanical hand. 


Our eyes meet, locked, neither wanted to look away. There was suddenly nothing else except the celestial blue with the beautiful shimmer of a thousand stars, and that’s when I started to look past his eyes and into his soul. His past playing like a movie inside my head, little snippets jumping from memory to memory.

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