Easter Rabbit

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A story about a rabbit.

Submitted: September 10, 2018

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Submitted: September 10, 2018



The feeling of anxiety slid down my spine as I noticed the blue and purple basket sitting on my dining room table. It had been years since I've seen an Easter basket for me when I wake up. Ten years was the last time since my parents had given me anything and claimed that the Easter Bunny had dropped it off. So why now, when I'm home alone, was there eggs in a brightly colored basket sitting on my table? 

I approached hesitantly to see what the basket contained. Inside, on a bed of plastic grass, I saw four eggs. Two of the eggs were green, one with pink spots and one with purple stars. The other two eggs looked identical to the first pair, save that the colors were swapped. 

The eggs with pink spots burst open, a mixture of blood and some sort of black liquid coating the other eggs. A small creature that resembled a rabbit emerged from the disgusting combination of fluids that pooled in the remnants of the shell. It had the head of a rabbit, small and misshapen with over-sized eyes and teeth protruding from its cheek. Its body resembled that of a dachshund, two of its legs fused together and another sticking out of its spine. Wings came directly from the sides of the thing and had an appearance not unlike that of a bat's. After coming out of the egg, it let out a horrifying screech, a sound rivaling that of a cat being skinned alive and rubbed with salt. 

More of the "rabbits" came out of their respective eggs, each unique in placement of external limbs and teeth, somehow each proceeding animal more terrifying than the last. All made the same noise that the first had, however. 

I stood, unmoving in the face of something I feared greatly. I could not begin to comprehend what produced these things. What kind of monstrosity could have made them? I thought. How did it get in my house? Is it still in here? 

At the thought of some kind of monster within my home, I began to feel paranoid. There was no telling what the creature was like, but anything like the tiny horrors would be dreadful. 

The stairs creaked behind me. They screamed under the weight of the presumably large thing that was travelling down them. It sounded wildly larger than the tiny monsters which came from the eggs. I looked up the stairs, anticipating whatever may come, my imagination running rampant. A scuffling sound came from the basket and I turned back to see that the rabbit creatures had run away. 

"What have you done with my children!" something said, coming from the direction of the stairs. The voice was low and rough, the sandpaper tone grinding at my ear drums. The thing's breathing proposed an implication that it was angry, most likely about the creatures, which had disappeared. 

I stammered, "Y-your children?" Footsteps banged against the ground, coming close to me as they progressed and finally stopping directly behind me. I felt the breath of the creature on my neck, causing the hairs along my neck to stand with goosebumps. The smell of the thing's breath was akin to that of dead animals, as if it had eaten a deer that lied on the side of a road for two months. The aforementioned smell of dead, decaying animals mixed with the scent of the monster itself; the smell of the creature being that of raw meat which was digested three or four times over and left in a septic tank to rot. 

"My children!" the thing boomed. 

"I don't know!" I yelled in response. 

A large hand grabbed my arm with a near-death grip. The hand was cold and wet, like a cadaver that had been skinned and was still bleeding. Along with this, the monstrosity had claws that dug into the flesh of my arm, letting blood onto my already clammy skin.  

I stammered from total fear, shaking, "I t-t-turned to s-see-" 


"I turned to l-look at you and when I turned b-back, they were gone." 


"No!" I yelled to no avail. I could feel each individual layer of flesh tear and the bones that made up my shoulder splinter into hundreds of pieces. The pain was unlike anything I'd felt before, unbearable the second my arm was starting to rip. I screamed as loud as I could, hoping for someone to notice and come to my aid. As the blood poured from my arm, I passed out from pure shock.  




The next thing I remember was waking up surrounded by beeping machines and monitors. A woman stood at the end of my bed, explaining that a neighbor heard my screams and called the police to come to my home and check on me. The found my arm across the room, blood pooling around me. 

I attempted to insist that an Easter basket was in the room, but the nurse assured me there wasn't. Highly concerned, I asked, "What of my dog?" 

"I'm really sorry, sir. They found him in a hallway upstairs with his stomach ripped open. His skull was crushed too. The police couldn't find what did it. I'm very sorry for your loss." 

© Copyright 2018 G. P. Kidd. All rights reserved.

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