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Submitted: September 10, 2018

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Submitted: September 10, 2018



Social media, or as the old people like to call it: major time waster

Let's be honest, social media is my life. Or at least, it makes real life hazier

Hashtag, social media isn't real life

But if I don't post that perfect  selfie it will cause my followers to attack my flaws with a knife

Omg, this picture looks too much like me *delete*

Ugh, this one looks edited enough to see *delete*

Okay, I've narrowed it down to 58 selfies, which one do you like?

Wait, which filter? I like valencia, but will that make them double tap for the unlike?

Someties when I'm scrolling through instagram, I don't notice people are talking to me

I never have to confront anyone; I just hit them up with that text-written apology

My mom just called me for dinner, doesn't she know that evening has the perfect light for my selfie face?

Ugh, she's so annoying

Just put it in the fridge, food isn't as important as my follower database

My mom tells me that I spend too much time on instagram

She's just jealous because her lack of devoted followers make her feel like a sham

All the old people tell me social media is a time-sucker

But it's not, I've made so many internet friends, and I have more likes than her

I follow other people and aspire to be like them

But it goes further than aspiration, it turns into greed and discontent

That's the good thing about social media

I covet other people's lives, money, and things

I learn my own flaws and discover how bad I have it compared to people who are living like kings

This girl posts a picture of her on her 16th with a brand new Charger

Her parents gave it to her as a gift, they didn't even charge her

Instagram makes me realize the things I'm entitled to but don't get

She got a Charger; I deserve a Corvette

See? Instagram isn't a time-waster, it's a life-changer

But be careful, because the more you're on the internet, the more your perceptions of the world start to falter

You might not notice until you're walking down the isle, towards the alter

Walking, walking, confidence lost with every step

As you realize you don't know anything about him

Other than the fact his instagram bio reads "in love with her and love going to the gym"

© Copyright 2018 Emma E. Falls. All rights reserved.

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