I Didn't Put 2 And 2 Together

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taken from my book, "Flavortism"

Submitted: September 10, 2018

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Submitted: September 10, 2018



I Didn't Put 2 And 2 Together


I lost myself

I no longer know you

Oh, what a friend to lose

My love is out the window

I cannot give

A single reason for

Treating you like a whore

I only was jealous

I could not stand the fact

You wanted some other man

You said you'd go with any man

Who would take you home

I'm sorry for wanting to be that man

I knew you weren't clean

But didn't put 2 and 2 together

I just also knew I wanted you with me

Even if just for meaningless sex

I don't know why

When you said you could not be faithful

To any guy

That should have stopped me

But it didn't

And I'm sorry

But you won't even know I'm sorry

'Cause I don't wanna bring it up

I should have never told you

"I want"ed "us to still be friends"

'Cause now I have to see you again

Not being friends

Because of something else I said

So now I am stuck

You don't give a fuck

And I just wanna run

Far away from ev'ry one

But I can't leave that meeting

And you are still showing up

Oh God, what the fuck?!

This SUCKS!!!!!


09-09-'18 #4

D. L. Cannon

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