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What do you see?

Submitted: September 11, 2018

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Submitted: September 11, 2018





~Jason Woods


There are moments; where the clock stops ticking, where all things come clear, when the plot does thicken;


When your eyes become clear, as your body does weaken, your soul impure, your reflection tarnished and stricken;


The seconds to pass, as the shadows unveil, their true form, the smell of death’s entrails;


The vision of truth, as it becomes clear, to face oneself in the Lord’s pure mirror;


“To whom do you serve?” the query never fails, “Who calls your soul, what decisions lift veils”;


Sweat from my brow, my heart does batter, like a drum of natives, calling to battle;


My senses alive, I can feel their approach, my fingers do caress, my blade taking note;


My muscles do tense, as I sense the path, to test my truth, to let go of the past;


Their talons do scrape, their sounds draw closer; the scraping of stone, audible like thunder;


This moment of me, wherein I find myself, where I do see the truth withheld;


Control of the moment, gone in the glance, the scene melting, blood coursing in trance;


There could I see my nemesis falter, his shoulders gave, as my blade took made its saunter;

Not even an attempt to deflect, did he make; as the silver found home, in it’s delicious hate;


Pain did strike me, as I crumbled in turn; the reflection tells truth of mine enemy’s yearn;


As the light passed, and the darkness did fall, my vision giving, as I made my last call;


“Forgive me now, I do beg of thee”, the answer was swift, thousands sang harmony;


“All is that is, designed to be, give into the truth; own what you see.”

© Copyright 2019 J Woods. All rights reserved.

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