She came

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She offered him healing, through herself

Submitted: September 11, 2018

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Submitted: September 11, 2018




She came

~Jason Woods


I stood whipped, beaten, broken, and sore,


Only the cold night left to adore,


Sweet kisses, and whispers, then did come,


Only she gave solace, only she was brave,


Her voice rhythmic, her tone gave time,


The sound of my name, on her lips, divine


The touch of her hand, healing the wounds of mine,


Her vision surpassing, my life’s transgressions,


The intent of her actions, beyond comprehension,


As if she knew, well before I,


I walked in the darkness, the Demonic intertwined,


The touch of her skin, her smell on the breeze,


Her reflection of shadow, swayed in the trees,


The moon did shine, given light,

Her purity given, though gone was mine,


Trust provide, completion to me,


Despite my sins, she could see,


Something, someone, broken and lost,


The path she directed, enlightened thoughts,


“Only the broken” she began,


“Only the turmoil, understand the sands, as the glass turns, I’ll show you the course.  Only through pain, are we alive, only in chaos is nobility defined.”


She lowered her hand, offering her help, but fear kept my heart, placed on itself shelf.


Her eyes looked away, as a grin took her face,


“You’re worthy to walk with me through this chase.  I know now, and always will fully, that you are mine, and your honor completing.  Walk with me now, let me be gracious tonight, let me show you the way, lest you lose your life.”


I understood then, as I took her hand,


She came to guard me, to trust, and understand,


She gave to me her very self, all she owned, to an unworthy shell,


I who once, may have been called, to honor, dignity, after the fall,

“You aren’t those labels, she said in knowing, changing your sentence.  Live again, you must rise, trust again; live through my eyes.”  

© Copyright 2018 J Woods. All rights reserved.

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