An Act

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I'll play with your emotions, Sorry but I will Not that I find it fun, But your frown gives me a thrill

Submitted: September 11, 2018

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Submitted: September 11, 2018



You hate her with me

You know it’s a fact

I wonder what we could be

Because that scowl,

I don’t think it’s an act


Your quiet love

Smolders through the fire in your eyes

I’ll grin with a playful shove

For if I keep flirting,

I’ll strip off your disguise

I feel like a genius,

A master at work

Together I’ll knit us

Even if I must act

Like a total, utter jerk


I’ll try faking a kiss

But that’s an act as well

Despite her lips, it’s yours I miss

But in this charade

It’s on me that you dwell


Yes your frown,

It makes me smile

I don’t want you sad, now

But since that means you like me,

We’ll be together a while


© Copyright 2019 Russell Scott. All rights reserved.

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