Stripping Down

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Piercing Through His STONE COLD Heart

Book / Fantasy

When the fearlessly ambitious and powerful hybrid prince, Deo Pancras took over the throne and ruled close to a century. He built an elite pack of fiercely loyal warriors; the White Crescent, that would strike pure terror to any packs just by mere mentioning of its name. He was well known to be the prince with a stone cold heart; believing that he was destined without a mate.

But the Moon Goddess herself, being unpredictable as ever, had long reserved someone special for him, Calista Jenesis. Will this seemingly beautiful human girl had what it takes to be ruling with him? How would Deo court her? Will Calista agree to be his Luna, his Queen?

When heaven, earth and hell collided, it brought about trials after trials. Would their leap of faith proved stronger than living? And would their love triumph it all?

Stripping Down

Book / True Confessions

Unlike how I usually plan and draft my work; "Stripping Down" consists of short write out that are impromptu. Basically a collation of my thoughts; series of heart felt issues with a few tears and humour throw in. Hoping perhaps, someone can relate.

Tickle My Funny Bone Comedy Writing Contest 2018

Other Content by Kimberlee Ang

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