Life in a Conflict Zone

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Never again in the entire history the word edited here will be granted for a freedom we all may be gifted with a peace of mind. Here this day starts earning something we can never give back unless
the fight for our living may be a grant we will care now. Let us script the great love not for hatred in this entire story of our bible. For all we sow in this global village is our future
possessions. Let us be prepared how long the longest trials you face may be a difference in the song of the human story. Making this tribute for our universal spirit, let us not break the wall we
hold so strong with a simple word that is a evil in itself. I must say we must kill this hatred and distrust for all now. It is not a conditional script we have taking for somone's side. Where our
resurrection will only come through the deepest faith to be united for peace, hope and joy. May we bridge these possessions always for a freshness you participate as a gift of God for the entire
humanity. :)

Submitted: September 11, 2018

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Submitted: September 11, 2018



You will rise above your heart to face this day,

Some time and space fugitives are fighting for how we got this near,

Crucified what it could become,

Are we living on the edge how we may end this conflict?

God brought us together sharing uneasy coexistence in this message,

When we devote our life breaking space among vision and values,

Those dramatic age of violence never satisfy how cruel we can become,

Where day to day impact goes deeper than reality,

Their daily life stranded between constant insecurity and its claiming fear,

Yesterday their homes we blown up,

Where will the feeling of injustice and oppression state these as convictions of mass destitute?

Nothing same remains who has lost everything,

No source of revenue accountable to live a worthy life,

No insider how daily life we live without water and electricity,

A vacuum may spill a miracle at the heart of this conflict zone,

No one seeks this comfort,

May one day stop the rising distrust we have here,

May a moment look back to move back for negotiation,

Who are facing this when there is no safeguard for anyone’s life and,

Living a day become a burden for all discomfort experienced,

Crucified facing a day of unrest everywhere,

Who are our friends change like waves writing its tale along the shore?

How will they come back hoping and escaping a fight giving every settler a peace of mind?

Many draining a memoir spent to recover through counselling at home to recover from this shock,

In a way our lives are getting used how the neutral arbiters script an unsafe heaven here,

When danger zones become our nightmare every moment we grew up here,

Our childhood is destroyed when we wage war against humanity in the name of power, positions and possessions,

We ask ourselves who really feels humanity not just in a word,

All the time living in fear,

A law we are bound to serve justice,

Ask around our community may come back never missing a song of love,

Heaven above speaks countless plan we are where walls can’t hold souls lived to be wanted in the great love,

Yet everyday I wake up feeling an emptiness everywhere the world is divided in endless hatred and crucified in unending war,

We know care and compassion cannot be bought with money,

Who will resurrect our revamped lifeline for the oldest understanding?

To fix the road block unending in peace and sing the great love for this common home,

A human spirit harboured to find and care among the lost crossroads,

These tracks look like a childhood we learn to struggle and win a simple honour,

If this is a freedom undestroyed in loving our worth dominance for peace,

If this expression never bombs our pursuit in a isolated childhood where we don’t know what is happening everywhere,

My growing age speaks we must come together to give back this common home what is lost,

I feel our fight must be against who sow hatred and distrust,

I don’t know what to tell a child who is struggling to recover from all the injuries he suffered,

For this child never hurts anyone,

 Only looked at the man who brought this misery with a smile despite tears of sadness in these eyelids,

May be the detonator exploded without knowing this kid had dreams of his childhood here,

Thinking about the tyranny of this childhood,

I know tomorrow our children still dream of being independent, living a life in dignity and freedom with all neighbours,

May they grow up in this gift God has blessed them,

Unless the end this crisis starts finding solutions from every home,

May this wall be broken to bridge a safe home we all are gifted in every street that pave our longest trials to be loved,

We must make and accommodate to live with them who must not allow themselves to be our enemies,

For a heart never forgets the steps every beat knows a human as its scripts,

We must not overcome hatred with hatred,

For the days you grow up sowed and experience where we must know how we can stop the evil and,

Must act to make a difference,

When the world is already divided,

And when ways create a comeback,

This message your life scripts is a greatest honour of our days here,

Children must meet a playground where we all end up to change a living to know other side of humanity for oneness in friendship,

A moment of cheer when we love each other,

A handshake of gratitude for giving each other happiness,

A smile of hearts with greatness of our heritage,

An expression of hope for a courage how to win the unedited loss,

A reward of trust where we all live a grant to share,

A comeback of peace where all negotiation ends the evil,

An opportunity of excellence that comes gifted in all occasions,

This is seen in all the songs of friendship we are unmade as enemies,

I feel these days starts with a blessing may honour the unending support,

A home where this faith is born

This script has a heart may awaken deepest roots of fresh negotiations,

As there always exist some solution one friendship can win any war,

This brings all the greatness our life can be worth living for,

A chemistry beating again in this interweaved playground of our tournaments where children may play for the spirit of a winning game,

Here symbol of this draft in the fight against the opposite we must stand together,

For this day is a space to give peace,

Wherever we may grow up,

Wherever we may rise again,

Let many more come blessing our days in the happiness we may sow now.

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