Stormy Night

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Just one of those stormy nights...

Submitted: September 11, 2018

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Submitted: September 11, 2018



It was one of those nights where lightning flashed consistently; thunder roared; and the rain came down heavily. Sheltering beneath a tree not far away from the bus stop, I heard this voice saying, ''Come on up.''
''You're a joker whoever you are. I want to get home out of this disastrous weather.''  I made a dash from beneath the tree hoping I could make it to my house in one go. My house wasn't that far away. A couple meters from the tree, I heard a crack. My right foot gave way. ''Oh, not now!'' I cried out, falling to the ground with enormous pain.
I was absolutely wet from head to toe. This is not the first time that such a thing had happened to me. I was walking down in the town on some cobble stones when I buckled and went down. People came immediately to help. Luckily, everything had gone off okay. This time it was nearing midnight, and there was no one around. It was pretty dark too, but not when the lightning was continuous. Without the lightning and thunder, the rain still poured down. I eased myself up with intention of walking home. There he was beside me, this man, he almost frighten me to death, and I'm not one who easily get scared.
I don't think I can call what he was wearing, clothes. He was a short man, and his eyes looked a sort of yellowish-green.  ''Let me help you there,'' he said.
''Who are you for God's sake. Where did you come from in this weather?'' I needed the help but I was also a bit disturbed.
He answered, ''The graveyard back there!'' I knew there was  a graveyard in the area, not so very far away. Helping me up, his touch was cold as ice. I became now very uneasy. The weather was cold but not as cold as his touch. Maybe it was me over exaggerating. I tried to put my right foot down, and found that the pain was excruciating. I had my mobile on me, and had tried a few times to call my girlfriend. ''Thanks for your help,'' I said, standing on my left foot, with my right not touching the ground. The rain had now stop falling, and it was really pitched black. Suddenly there was a flash of lights fron a car, it was my girlfriend. She came over and the man was gone. Helping me into the car, I said to her, ''Did you see anyone?''
She said, ''No, why?''

The End.


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