the murdered king

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A new vision of the story Hamlet by Shakespeare. Written in the view of the viking kings son. It's a thrilling story told in a almost horror like view.

Submitted: September 11, 2018

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Submitted: September 11, 2018



The Murdered King




On a very beautiful warm night, in Norway, John the son of the king was walking home from the local tavern. As he walked half drunken down the muddy road he dreamt of being king. His father was close to retiring and John was close to the age of succession. John stumbled down the quiet street and made it all the way to his home where he and his father lived together. His mother had passed away years ago leaving the father-son duo to themselves. Without his mother his father struggled to raise John and rule as king of Norway. John and his father were what we call today “Vikings”.


While John was just outside of his house he saw who he thought to be his uncle running from the back of the home. Being half drunken John ignored such an odd occurrence. He went in and straight to his bedroom to sleep off all the ale he drank. In the morning John lay half on half off the bed, snoring. To the sound of his screaming housemaid, he jumped face first onto the floor of his room. John got up and ran to see why she was in such a fright. In the living room, John found his housemaid screaming at the sight of his father’s murder. His father was stabbed in the neck with a dinner fork at the table while eating his final meal. John fell to his knees in sorrow he began to cry but soon got up in anger and strength.


John was determined to avenge his father. He looked around the house to find no clues of anyone else being there the night before. Nothing was stolen and nothing broken. John was furious he told the maid to stay there, clean up, and tell no one of the murder. He got his clothes on and ready his sword at his side on a leather belt and his boots tied on tight. He barged ready through the front door, on a mission. He went straight to his uncle’s house. He barged in angrily without knocking. His uncle was just at the breakfast table eating before he went to work. HIs uncle yelled, “What are you doing barging in here without knocking, like you own the place?” John shut the door and stood at the other end of the table staring at his uncle. He pulled out his father’s knife and stabbed the knife into the table and said: “I need your help my father… h-he was murdered.” His uncle laughed as if it was a joke. “No one is strong enough to kill your father but me. You must be joking.” John told his uncle what he saw this morning and brought him to the scene of the crime.


“I told the housemaid not to tell anyone so we can catch the murderer before we burn the body.” John told his uncle. His uncle sat down heavily on the chair next to him and began to catch his breath. “Uncle Dave, are you okay?” Dave caught his breath and told John how shocked he was to his brother’s death. They both decided to get a team together to solve the murder. While the team and Dave were out trying to find the murderer John stayed behind and tried to think if he saw something last night that might give them clues. John remembered how he saw a dark figure running from the back of the house. He tried tirelessly to remember who the figure looked like. John remembered thinking the figure was his uncle Dave but ignoring it.


John began to talk to himself to evaluate the situation. “No way, it wasn’t uncle Dave he would never. He did seem very tired this morning. But why? With what gain? Wait if my father is dead then uncle Dave becomes king since I’m not old enough.” John decided he would confront his uncle. Later that night when Dave was done searching for the day he went to go check on John. Dave walked into the house to find John at the table holding a paper reading it and crying. “What’s wrong John?” “Come read this uncle.” Dave read the paper and then hugged John while crying. The paper reads this: “I’m so sorry I never wanted to leave you but I feel as if I’ve failed you as a father. I feel like I failed Dave as his big brother. To Dave I say this: I forgive you for all our trouble and I entrust you with my land. I will look over you so don’t screw up. My little brother I trust you and love you with all my heart… Goodbye and to my only son: I hope you stop drinking and live up to rule along side your uncle I will love you always. I am with your mother now and I am happy once again. Goodbye.”



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