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Submitted: September 11, 2018

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Submitted: September 11, 2018



I had felt so quilty that i was me, i was sorry i had spent many years be being a child but didnt learn how not to be valnerable as an adult. I was sorry that i wasnt perfect and i hadnt  said so; more importantly i felt guilty that im my state i wasnt good enough to like.

I was so ignorant at 15 and he told me so, of course why would i admit he was right. Id felt in my past lives i must have been a terrible person and learnt not to care. Id felt that in this new life id been forced to feel guilt for anything that caused a bad reaction. Id feel guilty that id said so many stupid things online and make stupid accusation to people i know. You feel guilty a whole lot when you feel people wont ever accept you.

Cultural reletivism, morals are reletive to social groups and culture. Guilt seem unimportant on a flying rcok with hairless monkeys walking around talking gibrish. As humans and animals we are rediculous; watching documenturies about 15 year old pedophiles and their loving families proved as much.

This stranger part of humanity is corrupt, violent and depressing, our culture moves in waves finding new ways to express ourselves. Humans are like children going through fazes and learning what to do and what to say. We struggle through science to find answers, we read books and listen to opinions always fighting to understand life.
We are our brains and nothing more, we are dependent on our upbringing, social status and quality of life. Humans are only genetics- only atoms held together by electricity and we called them molecules. I believe any small thing you eat, anything you say or hear will have an effect on your brain and there for you. We drink and take drugs, we gamble with our lives assuming we can take the worst, not realising we are victims to our own perception. We see colours though our own genetic makeup in our eyes so whose to say someone out there sees more colours. We are vulnerable and we are flawed but so magnificent. We can fight for power but in reality we will have no more power then the power to choose ignorance.

Ive come to the conclusion im trying to prove im good enough to a bunch of confused children who know no more than me. Ive come to the conclusion that seeing as we dont know what lifes is supposed to be change behaviours and dont feel guilty forever. Its an abstract way of thinking that i find i struggle with, i try to remember murderes are children with axes. I battle with the idea of true morality and what that means or of it exists. Perhaps i find that maybe even these thoughts are pointless and then i eat my cereal.

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