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a short story about a prsons love on a women still he dies

Submitted: September 11, 2018

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Submitted: September 11, 2018




January 15, 2025 – Vijayawada

Srikar goes to bed at 10’O clock daily but today he is not getting sleep even its 1’O clock because … his thoughts are preoccupied with the message that he has received in the morning. When he has seen the message he loses his mind and gets some kind of excitement.

He has seen the sender’s name with lot of love that is “Vassu”.

Immediately his heartbeat increases.

“It increases only after seeing your name, what is the condition of it, if I see her directly?” he thought with a smile.


The next day morning Srikar wakes up at 4’O clock and gets ready, he walks slowly and reaches Krishna Barrage. He sees the weather which is so pleasant with The Krishna River flows rhythmically in the frozen cold, at a distance Kanaka Durga temple, nearby hills that are arranged in a systematic manner.

Srikar walks towards nearby park and sits opposite to Krishna statue.

The sun didn’t arise in the East. It takes one hour to dawn.  

Man can’t run with time. He can’t walk back. He can only walk with time. But we have to go back for one week.  


First Day:

Morning at 4.55

Ramesh and Mahesh were going on jogging. They had been observing one thing for few days – “fifty years old person comes daily early in this frozen cold and checking his mobile for something with a smile”.

‘Why is he coming in the frozen cold…? What is he checking in his mobile?’ – These were the unanswered questions in the mind of Mahesh.

He told this to Ramesh.

“Their happiness, their madness…he is a madman. Come…” said Ramesh without thinking.

“He is not mad… you didn’t observe him properly, he is returning when we come back. He maintains perfect timings. Do you know that…? So we have to meet him once…” said Mahesh.

They went to that old man and wished him … “Good morning sir”.

He raised his head slowly and said “Very good morning boys”. There was seriousness in his words, melody in his voice, and clarity in his pronunciation… more than these there was affection in his look.

Without any delay, he said, “Sir…May I know your good name please…I am Mahesh. He is Ramesh”.

“Srikar…” he said with nodding his head and also said “Some called me Radio Jockey Sridhar. I was worked as Radio Jockey in your childhood”.

“Sir…Are you Radio Jockey Sridhar..? We observe you daily sir. But we didn’t know who you are. Today we wanted to know about u. So…” They just paused for a minute.

“Zeal is so important for a man. Whether it is good or bad… if he gets the thought of knowing, he will come to know which is good and which is bad” said Srikar.

“Yes sir. You come early in the morning but you are not doing anything walking or jogging, simply sitting on bench and checking your mobile…goes with smile…want to know the reason…” stopped Ramesh.

He looked at them top to bottom at once and said, “One message will come to my cell phone…so”.

“What will you receive sir?” both asked him curiously to Srikar.

“Will receive means not already received. It has to receive. I am coming here to receive for that message only” said Srikar.

They were shocked. “What sir …? Why you are coming to receive for the message. You can receive message where you are!” asked Ramesh Surprisingly.

“My friend will come and meet me between 5am to 6am. She will send a message to me to recognize her. We know each other only on phone…we never see each other.  We are meeting for the first time” said Srikar with smile.

“Oh!... So, you are coming and sitting early in the morning…” said with smile and he remember something and stopped suddenly, “Sir, you told me about today but we are asking you about daily” said Ramesh.

“I am also speaking about daily my boys”.

They were astonished for a minute.

“We are observing you for some days. You come daily. When will your friend asked you to come…?” asked Mahesh.

“You know only for few days…But I have been coming for twenty years” said Srikar.

Their minds were blocked.

“O my god! Have you been waiting for your friend for past twenty years…so you received that message twenty years ago…?”

“Yes, twenty years ago I received a message, after that I didn’t get any message till now. I have been waiting for that message only…” said Srikar.

They had gone mad.

A man’s twenty long years waiting for someone or something usually generates curiosity in everyone to know the story behind it.

The generated curiosity made them to ask his story.

“Ask him to why he has been waiting for such a long time”, Ramesh whispered to Mahesh.

Mahesh was about to ask… “She is my special friend, who brings spring into my life. She says that she will give an amazing gift.

“May we know about the gift, sir…” asked Ramesh curiously.

“She asks me to kiss her”… said with smile and shy.

They were trembled.

“He looks like sixty years old man. What is this twenty years of eccentricity...are you thinking like that? Age relates to the body not the soul, desire may have an end but not for the thought. Every man should have an aim or goal to reach whether it is good or bad. I too have a crazy target, because I have such kind of relationship with her. You don’t know that…!” stopped Srikar.

“If you don’t mind, may we know about u and your friend sir…?” asked Mahesh.

Srikar opened his eyes widely with happiness. In his opinion, whenever he thought of her name his heartbeat increases, but now he has to speak of her, that gives him enrapture.

So he started telling.

“Her name is Vasundhara. I call her with love as ‘Vassu’. She works in a hospital in Tirupathi. I hope she is beautiful… because, who has beautiful heart, looks beautiful. She has beautiful smile also. I am fond of her smile. She used to smile when she call me and cut the phone with the same smile.

That smile is very attractive…it gives me a pleasant feel. I want the smile for a life time at that moment. But…now for that smile … has been waiting for twenty long years” and stopped because he was unable to speak.

Their inner sense was not to give him trouble but they were intrigued to know about their meeting and what happened next –

“Please tell me your acquaintance with her?” asked Ramesh.

He started speaking after some relaxation.

“I was working as Radio Jockey.  I had to answer phone calls in the part of my duty; I used to receive so many calls in a day. One day I received one phone call in my duty; I lifted and said “Hello, tell me”.

The voice didn’t speak anything and smiled beautifully.

I wanted to hear the smile again but I don’t know the reason.

So this time I said “Hello…smile again”.

She smiled again beautifully.  I thought that the entire state should hear it. I was made them to hear without her permission.

I said again, “which song do you want to ask? Please smile again before going to ask”.

Then…She smiled again continuously with same beauty.

Immediately I sang “Nee navve chaalu poobanthi…vasanthi”.

She stopped smiling and mixed anger with beauty asked “Hello entandi?”

Nenemina takkuva tinnana…?” Immediately I asked her without faltering ‘do you want to hear that song…?’

“What an eloquent speaker” they thought.

She gave a half –smile and said ‘not that song’.

‘Half-smile’ they surprisingly looked at Srikar.

She didn’t smile completely. So, I want to her full smile… ‘Sirimalle puvvalle navvu’ said melodiously.

‘Thank u sir. I want that song only. Please play that song…’ asked me with smile.

The phone ended while I was enjoying the smile.

‘Very interesting sir, next…’ asked Mahesh.

“What is there? She calls me regularly and asks me song. I play that song. It becomes habituate to hear her smile. Finally I came to the stage that I can’t live without hearing her smile. I am anxious to hear when she smiles.

Smile is a great gift… everyone can’t smile. Can’t make others smile. Everyone can’t smile beautifully. When I hear smile I feel I am free from all my sufferings”.

She sent to me a message at the beginning. That was – “Silent lips avoid many problems. But, smiling lips solve so many problems”.

I felt what she said is literally true when I heard her smile.

So I became mad to hear her smile. I became mad only I hear the smile…then what happens if I see it? I feel that I had to see.

As soon as Srikar said, “So one day I asked her directly” …

“What sir?” Ramesh asked inquisitively.

“No my boys…today my time is over. Tomorrow we will meet here at the same time. We will discuss again. Until then keep in mind…this Srikar…cheerfully…joyfully…enjoy the day” said Srikar with smile.


Second Day:

Mahesh and Ramesh reached Barrage early morning at 4.30. Srikar arrived after twenty - minutes of their waiting. As soon as he comes, he started telling…

“I want to see you once. Can u come to Vijayawada…?” I asked her.

“I will definitely come but what will you do if you see me…?” said with a different smile.

I said without thinking, “I will kiss you”.

Ramesh and Mahesh startled, but Srikar was continuing.

“I think she is also astonished like u…” there was no reply from that side.

‘Hello…Vassu…Vasundhara garu…’ I said.

‘No response. I call again. My call is ended. Immediately I make a call to her…’

“Did she answer?” Ramesh asked anxiously.

“No. She cuts it. I call her again. She cuts.  I call her again…” Srikar about to speak

Ramesh was fully involved in the story and said, “She cuts again”.

“No. She answers me” said Srikar.

Ramesh had repented for his words.

“What sir…I thought you are a good person…Is this the way to speak with a girl…?” asked angrily.

I said, “Don’t get anger…smile beautifully. I will tell one thing”.

She said, “Tell me first”.

‘When I tell you I want to kiss u, you cut my call, but you didn’t even ask me where…when…how…?’ questioned her.

‘It is a great deed… for that so many questions’, replied angrily.

Abba …grates deed or heroic deed. Ask me first’, I said.

“Okay, tell me. Where …when…how…?” asked me.

‘At the bank or Krishna river…dawn gradually in the east… soft snow… you gets wet and smile beautifully in that snow…then I will kiss on your smile’ and continuing …

Ayyorama… anyone wants to kiss on forehead…on cheek…on chin…on eye…on lips when they love more. But you are telling…you want to kiss on my smile…? Great desire…” said with smile.

“Do you know when I want to kiss u? When you are eighty, I am eighty five…” I said.

Then, she laughed loudly.

“What… when I get eighty years …I should smile beautifully in the cold …? How can I smile? I will be frozen in the cold”… continuously smiled.

‘Kiss on smile is a variety desire … that to you want to kiss on old woman’s smile. How can u kiss…?’ questioned me with smile.

‘When she smiles, my mind moves like a little boy’.

“I will kiss. It is my strong desire to kiss on beautiful smile. It is so good if that is your smile… but it is not manners…so I said after eighty.”

“If it is manners will you ask now…?” she asked angrily.

‘It is not manners that’s why stopped’ I murmured.

‘Okay…Okay… I want to fulfill your desire…I want to give a variety kiss on my smile… how you do it… I want to know. Let’s see…’ she said with smile.

‘Means…? I asked her in confusion.

‘Means…why it is in eighties…you can do it in thirties’ said and cut the call.

‘I understand the inner sense, my heart jumps with joy” said happily and stopped speaking.

Mahesh and Ramesh were listening with strange expression.

“After that we become close. The bond of smile develops. Problems of marital life also increase. Unexpectedly one day…"

‘I will give you a surprising gift this time on your birth’ she said.



2005, January 15

Morning I received a message from Vassu. In that message she sent… ‘I am coming to Vijayawada. According to your wish, u can kiss on my smile... that is the gift from my side on your birthday. You come and sit on the bench, opposite to Krishnaveni Statue near Krishna barrage at 5’O clock, tomorrow morning. You can see this sweet moment in your life time, so I preferred message than call- Vassu’.

The next day morning I woke up at 4.30; reached Krishna barrage, sat on the bench which is instructed by her and waiting for her arrival. I received a message.

‘I will meet u in the half an hour. When I reach there, I will send you a message with details of my identification marks’.

Then…I am waiting for her with hope. When half an hour completes…? Half an hour completed, she didn’t come. I think, in her view half an hour didn’t complete. But in my life twenty years were over.

Srikar wiped tears unintentionally.

“What sir…why didn’t she come in half an hour” both asked sadly Ramesh and Mahesh.

“I have no answer to your questions. I too have only questions, so many questions. ‘I hope she will come definitely’, that is the only answer I have. I eagerly anticipated for her arrival for the past twenty years.

I envisage that she will be met in future. I had completed all my responsibilities. I had done every work in my life with a perfect time.

One hour of Twenty hour hours… I spent for my unfulfilled desire.

My children settle down in life. My wife passed away. I don’t have any responsibilities, except…to meet Vassu. I look forward to meet her. Okay boys, ‘It’s already 6’0 clock. Meet you tomorrow’ said Srikar and left.

Vasundhara garu must meet Srikar garu at any manner’, Ramesh and Mahesh decided after listening to Srikar story. Why didn’t she come…? In case she lost his number… are there any unexpected difficulties…” they thought.

They printed pamphlets as “Vassu…! Please call me” with his phone number and distributed in Tirupathi and Vijayawada. They hope that she will definitely come or make a phone call to him after looks at this pamphlet. It takes three days time for them.

The next day morning they meet Srikar.

So many mischievous persons called Srikar in these two days. He didn’t understand why they were calling. He got indignation. But he lost it within one minute. His mind filled with joy. Because…

“I am coming Vijayawada tomorrow, I will meet you on day after tomorrow. I will send you message tomorrow evening”, this is the message he received from Vassu.


Sixth Day:

Ramesh and Mahesh met Srikar immediately after they reached the place.

Srikar looked so happy. Having seen them, “Hello boys… Where are you all these three days? Do you know I have to tell you more things…?” He said while approaching closely towards them.

They were very happy to see his happiness… “Tell me Sir”, they said.

“Yesterday I received a message from my Vassu. That’s her number. That’s the number I have been waiting for twenty years. She will meet me tomorrow. I am waiting for her restlessly for her arrival …today she will come to Vijayawada…Tomorrow I will see the beautiful smile…kiss that smile…”, he had fun as a child while talking about her.


‘Ramesh and Mahesh are heartbroken with joy. They had never seen such happiness. Was happiness so heavy…?’ They felt.


They came to know how good it is to be happy to see the happiness of the other, because they were enjoying it.



Seventh Day:


This is the day we went to flashback.

Srikar is waiting for Vasundhara, because yesterday evening she sent a message that she will come to meet him.


He can call and talk to her. But he wants to see each moment directly.


The next day:


The sun rises in the east gradually. Today is colder than every day. The sweater that shatters him could not stop cold as a proof that he is shaking. But in the cold snow that feels warm to the heart …holding the pen in the hand and sitting on the bench, something is written seriously by Srikar.


Mahesh and Ramesh are observing him from a short distance, hiding behind tree; they have some more tension than him. Ramesh wants to see, “whenever Vasundhara garu comes in…How Srikar garu kisses on her smile”. That’s also imagined by him.


Time is six. They don’t find the trace of Vasundhra at a visible extent.  Once again they observed keenly in the snow. When they look at Srikar, they are astonished.

Srikar gets up. The paper and the pen put on the bench, slowly walks out.

Having seen it, Ramesh –

Identra…? He is going to somewhere when she comes to meet him at any moment’’, Ramesh said anxiously.


Mahesh smiles and he is about to speak…

In the meantime, they cast a glance at a car is parking.


From that car a young lady walks in the shawl, covers the head with a scarf, wearing spectacles, light blue color sari, just coming up as morning light…

Checked once this side and that side, she walks slowly to the bench which Srikar always sits and sitting up to now.


Though they cannot see the face properly, they come to know that she is Vasundhara.

“This great man has been here till now, where did he go?” says Ramesh in a pensive mood.


Ramesh has a strong desire to see how to kiss on the original smile. That is the reason he becomes tensed.


Mahesh laughs.


She looks around once and sits on the bench which Srikar usually sits. She sends a message from her mobile. She takes the pen after a minute and immediately holds the paper which is flying way. She starts reading which has been written in a good manner.


As the snow falls, the paper becomes wet and heavy. In the same manner, she felt her heart heavy. May be it can’t bear that weight…slowly, warmly tears come out. She wipes out the tears with upper end of the sari.


Ramesh, who is watching her from the distance, said, “God forbid, has the punctual military man gone, because it’s already six?”


Both of them ran to her with one jump.

“I think you came for Srikar garu…”  Ramesh asked anxiously.  


She nods her head to indicate ‘yes’, without raising it.


‘He will come. Don’t worry…”says Ramesh and about to move to see where he is.


She says, “No” and gave the paper to Mahesh.


Ramesh and Mahesh look their faces in chaos, and start reading in a hurry.

“Dear Vassu…


I feel so happy because after so many years, you have come here to fulfill my desire. But I am giving pain to you, not fulfilling your beautiful wish.

I don’t know how you are and every day I expect you to come for me. Finally, my expectation comes true, and I am so happy that you arrived today… but I am just worrying the same about tomorrow.




The expectation of waiting for you to come will be great. Every day that hope made me wait for the next day. Those expectations raise hope on life. My hope and expectation is going to stop suddenly with your arrival today. I do not have hope from tomorrow.

It’s better to wait for Vassu joyfully with hope in life than to meet u and spent happy life today and spend with despair for the rest of the life.


I can’t hear any change in the laughing voice that loudly sounded in my ears. I want the same old smile. I want the imagination of kiss on your smile. That’s why I’m not going to meet you. I would like to look forward to a long time expecting to kiss your beautiful smile.


Generally grapes are sour for anyone who cannot reach high. But as for me unreachable grapes count for a sweet desire and deep passion. I wish you should smile always in the rest of your life. I believe that a beautiful smile can give a happy life.

You come here after twenty years to fulfill my first desire; I hope you will fulfill my second desire also…




Who wants to kiss on your smile.


Ramesh and Mahesh eyes become moistened unintentionally.

She walks slowly and said “please stop it”, and hugs Mahesh.


Ramesh is shocked for this sudden incident.


“She is not Vasundhara, She is my wife” says Mahesh.


Ramesh is amazed. He recognizes her.


“Yes… Vasundhra garu, who has to meet Srikar garu, passed away long ago. She met an accident when she was coming to meet him. She is none other than my mother”.


Ramesh is listening unbelievably.


“Two days ago, we got a diary in my mother’s box. I read it and learned this. I came to know her passion. She lost her husband at a very young age and surviving only for me and saved me from the road accident and lost her life with unfulfilling desire... I did it so for the sake of my mother’s soul, Mr. Srikar’s expectation. But…”

“No, your mother’s spirit is happy with your effort. Have you ever seen the joy of Mr. Srikar? You want to make peace of her soul today that has died twenty years ago. But in the twenty years her soul has been enjoying the happiness everyday because of Mr.Srikar” said Ramesh.


Mahesh shed tears of joy while he hugs Ramesh.


At the same time they received a message to their phone.


They open the message and read it.


“Thank you my boys…I remember both of you along with my Vassu in my whole life…” Srikar sent.


Immediately Mahesh makes a call to Srikar. It is switched off.


That’s it… and then Srikar phone has never rung. After that, Srikar does not appear on the bench to Mahesh and Ramesh.

But…still they have seen Srikar as sitting on the bench and looking at something in the phone, and waiting for Vassu with chucking.


A beautiful hope can give a long life and make others live.


That is why Vassu still lives in the imagination of the beautiful hope of Srikar, though she was physically died twenty years ago…Still alive.


That is why he was physically dead at the end of the twenty-four years and still lives in the imagination of the beautiful hope of Srikar ... lives forever.


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