Love Me

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Is love worth our time? Love can drive us to insanity, yet we don't seem to care. We will commit murder and harm those we cherish without blink an eye. Because sometimes we love someone deeply and
we can't let them go

Submitted: September 11, 2018

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Submitted: September 11, 2018



I want you to hold me in your arms.
The warmth and tight feeling I yearn for.
Don't turn your head the other way.
Walk with me and stay with me.
I love you, Don't you love me?
Your phone rings all day, Why?
Are you hiding something?
Don't leave me. I can't let you go.
Love me. Love me and no one else.
We had a small fight, let's not drag it. 
You bleed a lot, I hope you're not hurt.
Your quiet today.
You didn't eat. Are you sick?
You've been laying on the couch for a week now.
I guess our love binds us together in this house.
You love me right? That's why you're still beside me.
Its been a month already and the house smells terrible.
The neighbors have been complaining.
You've become so skinny and pale my love.
Your dull and dry. Are you still sick?
There are insects on your arm and legs.
That's okay because I still love you.
Do you love me?  Do you?
You haven't told me yet. But your silence means yes?
Let's die old together.
No one can part us, my love. 
We are meant for one another. 


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