The Fence

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Submitted: September 11, 2018

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Submitted: September 11, 2018



I stood at the edge of my Garden,

Peering to see

If the grass was much greener

On either side of me


As I stood there searching

I failed to see

My flowering garden

Surrounding me


As I got closer and closer

To the other side

I simply ignored

Her fight to survive


She needs to be fed

Nurtured and loved

In order to thrive

In order to grow


Forgotten and neglected

Petals no longer grew

Dropping like raindrops

On the morning dew


Until nothing was left

But one tiny stem

Holding on for dear life,

Fighting to the bitter end


I looked back and I thought

I must be right

A ground full of petals

The grass is greener tonight


Until the day that I found

Myself surrounded by weeds

Which looked like flowers at first

Multiplying their seeds


I was tangled up

In the weeds that would choke

The life out of me

I can no longer cope



They feed on each other

In order to survive

Destroying everything they see

Leaving nothing alive


Like a brick, it hit me

I suddenly remembered

The garden I abandoned

Way before winter


And as I looked back

Through teary eyes did I see

Someone came along

And fed my garden for me


They picked up the pieces

Of that one little stem

As they treasured and loved her

She began to mend


 My garden had grown

Into something more beautiful and grand

Than I could ever imagine

Or ever knew that I had


With outstretched hands

 I started to run

Towards the love of my life

That someone else had won


Feeling the Sting of a thorn,

Like a knife in my heart

Stopping me dead in my tracks

She wanted no part


I was much too late

 I can finally see

My garden, my love

You were right in front of me.


 l now watch from a distance

Heartbroken and sad

Longing for my garden

That I still wish I had.

 C.C Flower

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