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Submitted: September 11, 2018

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Submitted: September 11, 2018



You taught me how to find the sweetness in my sorrow 

Because of you, I’ve learned that there is no promise in tomorrow 

You proved that there’s beauty in my broken, beating heart 

I bring life to this pain and I call it my art 


Do you remember promising that you’d protect me? 

Remember when you didn’t need a drug to be carefree? 

What about who you used to be?

Before life became one big party


I’m sorry that I’ve fed your demons

I miss the relief of tucking them in at night 

I miss how you’d rot in my room

Because at least then, I knew you were alright 

Why won’t you face this fight? 

When did you surrender your life to the white?


Where were you when I told you my darkest truth? 

It took 16 years to tell you, 

stole my youth 

You broke my heart when you blamed me 

You promised love and safety 

Too young to know that no was an option 

Make it my fault and nail my damn coffin 



My teddy bear

Did you ever really care? 

There’s nobody behind your cold, blank stare 

You’re slipping up and slipping away

I’ve always been prepared for your last day

But you can’t just leave us 

No, teddy bear

Don’t you think about it

Don’t you f*****g dare 

© Copyright 2019 vanessa cowell. All rights reserved.

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