A Swedish Surviving Family

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This is my third original story I have written.

Submitted: September 11, 2018

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Submitted: September 11, 2018




As she, I, Julia am in our living room in our condo apartment thinking about what we have endured as a surviving family since we have loved and lost my mother from breast cancer earlier this year. It has been a hard time since she passed away and now what we have is each other. Through hard times together and father is recovered from his accident and I was in the care of his sister, my aunt Caroline. We have sold our house and moved into a luxury condo apartment instead, and this is one of the steps we have taken in moving on after mother’s passing.

I can easily picture it as though it was yesterday, I remember it all, I thought. Sebastian, my father’s brain injury from a car accident he was in. He has since gotten his memory back. When this happened, mother was still having breast cancer and did not have long to live. “I miss her, and now I no longer have a female role model in my life”, I said to him.

“I know, my darling. It will be lonely without her and we still have each other. We can get through this together. We will be lonely a lot.”, he said to me while I am lying on the sofa with my head on a big cushion and a blanket on top of me. I am four years old and this story is set in the year 1995. It is December 23, the day before Christmas Eve and we are in Kiruna, Northern Lapland, Sweden. The two of us have finished our Christmas shopping for gifts. I am an only child.

Our condo apartment is fully decorated. There is a second Christmas tree in my room and we have our main Christmas tree in the living room. There is a collection of Christmas movies on VHS to watch on our plasma built-in wall TV. We have decorations on the walls in the apartment too. We love Christmas and even though this is the first Christmas without mother here, we still want to celebrate Christmas. “I would think she would want us to continue on and celebrate, she has become a guardian angel watching over us now,” I thought. The two of us have Christmas blankets on our blankets too.

Suddenly, out of the blue, father wants to talk to me about something important.”I am ready to start dating again and start a relationship again. I know we have not talked about this, but there is a time when we have to move on. I do not want you to sabotage or hurt my new personal life. I am being protective because this is what a father does when this happens, do you understand, Julia?”, he said to me. “Yes, father, I understand completely”, I said to him.

One year later…

It has now been one year and everything has changed in a good way for us. Sebastian, my father, is a world-famous historian and is extremely wealthy and rich. His family is too. His new girlfriend is a celebrity chef, has her own cooking show and a line of pots and pans out, and a line of cookbooks out too. She also has a line of skincare out too, which may seem odd. But she loves that career too. Her name is Liv Lund. They are in a relationship. After one year in their relationship, the two of them live together now and we have moved into a penthouse condo apartment. The year is now 1996.

Two years later…

We have been through highs and lows. We are a Swedish surviving family. The year is now 1998 and as I, Julia looks out the window and sees snow covered everywhere outside with ice underneath it. Anyone who is staying here in Kiruna is enjoying themselves and some are outside. It is a now day in early January before school starts up again after winter break and for me as well too. I start second grade and have had my birthday the day before today on January second, today is the third. In three days I go back to school, private prep elementary school. I love school and I love learning. I am a too smart student, which is good. As I look out the window, I think about the hard times we have endured together and what we have done to move on. There are many thoughts I have in my head and with thinking too.

Yes, Julia, she is a Capricorn. There is a baby expecting now and is due for February, early February. Father’s girlfriend, Liv, has a baby bump and is not going on maternity leave. Instead, there is a live-in babysitter, Kristina who takes care of me when they are away at work. She, Liv, wants to be the working mom and continue to. We have set up a crib for the baby in a separate bedroom, and she is expecting a girl.

“That’s it for today, students. Bring your math, science, history homework home,” Mr.Sorenberg said to us in class. “Class dismissed and wait for the bell to ring”. The students and I assemble hear the door in a straight line and wait. The bell rings and we have just finished school for the day. It is January 9th, 1998. After Kristina comes and picks me up in her car and me with my homework with me. Mr. Sorenberg is her brother. Which means that Sorenberg is her last name and the two of them are siblings. I have seen him outside of school because of this and has become a mentor to me. Kristina has her career as a live-in babysitter now and loves children and helping taking care of them. She still has many clients and she arranges her schedule for her clients too. Kristina has been a social worker for a long time. Before she made this change. Her brother’s occupation is in education and has a master’s degree in education.  Someday, he wants to be a world-famous archeologist and archeologist professor in a university. He loves children as much as she does, and has one daughter himself. She has none and has a boyfriend instead. He is a social worker himself.

I met someone new at school. She transferred into here from another school. We are in compulsory schooling and are in years 1-3 in the second of four stages here in Kiruna, Sweden. Her name is Klara and she is becoming my best friend.


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