the ferris wheel

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Submitted: September 12, 2018

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The day of the amusement park holds the happiness and carefree of amused folks. Children wandered around with their parents, enjoying the fun. Nickie and Danny had the same kind of fun, until the fun diminished after Danny used up his tokens that he could trade for other goods at the park.

"So much for good luck 'amusement' park fun", said Danny. He could only want for a snowcone if he didn't feel desperate for it. 

"But you already ate two ice cream cones and a funnel cake a few minutes ago", according to Nickie. "It'll take you a while for that last meal to digest before you eat a snowcone."

"I don't care about that. With all this fun we're having, all I know is I'm getting more thirsty by the second  and I need something to quench my thirst before I pass out!"

Nickie couldn't pay attention to Danny's complaints. She only cared about the magnificient ferris wheel in front of her, following its motion while passengers on the wheel were having fun. Nickie goes to the amusement park once every summer. It's the best time of the summer vacation, even on a holiday where kids will be outside enjoying their some of their summer days visiting local attractions. To Nickie, the best thing about the amusement park was the ferris wheel. At night was the best time to see the ferris wheel. The lights would bedazzle the whole park from afar, turning the wheel into one shiny gem in the night. Nickie would always love to stare at the glow of the ferris wheel, within and outside the amusement park. Captured in her daydream, Nickie finally awakes back in reality and witnesses Danny using the balloons like googles to view people walking pass.

"You're that bored you have to use our balloons as x-ray vision to sightsee throughout the park?", asked Nickie.

"I'm just using this to visualize colors three-dimensional."

AFter sitting down for a couple of minutes, Nickie wanted to get up and go get snacks. "Come on, let's get up off these hard crested benches and find something to snack on."

"But I don't have any tokens to spend for snacks.", Danny added.

"You use actual money for snacks. The snowcones can be paid with tokens because of the discounts on snowcones, plus the snowcones are being made in the park's snowcone machines, which only take tokens.", Nickie reminded Danny.

"I believe I have tokens, I just have to check." 

"Check now before the park closes", insisted Nickie.

Danny began digging in his pockets for any leftover tokens. Then, they both went to get snacks. They bought two bags of popcorn, one big bag of chocolate nuts, and two small bottles of water. Nickie couldn't stop looking at the ferris wheel. Nighttime was approaching, and the ferris wheel's lights were beginning to glow amongst the park after the conductor turned them on. The conductor stood by the ferris wheel as passerbys viewed on. 

"Okay folks. It's your last chance to ride the ferris wheel until the park  closes at 9:30", stated the conductor. "Anyone who wants to ride, step on line now before it's too late." 

Nickie's eyes wer glued to the ferris wheel. She always loved riding the ferris wheel. She continuosly gazed at the glowing ferris wheel but was awoken from her fascination when Danny loudly spoke: 

"Hey! What's wrong with you? Unless you're having spasms, stop shaking me!"

"Oh, sorry."

Then, Nickie asks Danny if she could take a few minutes to ride the ferris wheel. "Why are you asking me, I'm not the chaperone here", Danny joked. Then he said seriously, "It's okay, go ahead and ride. Just don't go pass closing time."

"Thanks friend."

Nickie jogged to the line for the ferris wheel. After finding her spot, she waited until it was her turn. The conductor took her token and let her board the ride. As the ride begins to spin, Nickie couldn't control the excitement she was being engulfed by. Then the wheel stops, and Nickie was left to stare out the window. The view was amazing, filled with glowing lights and crowds of people around the park. Nickie just sat and enjoyed  the sightseeing. As she viewed the objects, she drifts into an image of her father taking her to the amusement park. Nickie's memory reminiscents of her first time riding the ferris wheel. It took her breath away and all she could do was watch anything that was in her sight. She saw a great deal of beauty: people walking around the park enjoying themselves, cars passing to and fro on the two-way street, and the beautiful sky so bright during the day. Nickie was brought out of her daydream once again when the conductor opened the door.

"Sorry, the ride's over. Hoped you enjoyed the ride."

Nickie stepped off the cart. She waited for Danny to show up. In a flash, Danny arrives with a new gift.

"Look, I won this prize after playing target shooting"

"That's cool."

Then Danny asks Nickie about her ride on the ferris wheel. "So how was the ride?"

"It was great, if you asked me. Good ole' sightseeing."

"That's great. I'm not the one for ferris wheels. I don't care too much for spinning sensation and sightseeing since riding in circles bothers my stomach." 

"Well, I guess you'll think before going on rides after eating meals next time", Nickie said jokingly. "Wanna go home?"

"Do I? My feet are aching me from all this walking."

Nickie and Danny both walked out the amusement park. Nickie looked back and viewed the ferris wheel one more time before all the lights went out She embraced her love for that ferris wheel. Because of the sights and pretty lights Nickie keeps the memories of the ferris wheel deep in her head, even though the park won't reopen later in the year. Well, that won't happen until next summer.


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