Sprout unchained

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Just a random story about a lonesome sprout ;)

Submitted: September 11, 2018

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Submitted: September 11, 2018



Nuzzled under a blanket of my much more eager brethren, the screeches of ruthless holiday shoppers brawling to the death over the last scraps of overpriced nutrients cuts through me like a dagger.

It seems I am the only one of my kind that isn’t blindly immersed in the festivities. Although, the naivety that drowns their minds has no such affect on me. “A better place” is where they mindlessly conclude we go once we get chosen. Endlessly they converse about the utopia and the proverbial cloud of pure tranquillity and peaceful ecstasy that fills it. Their hopeful idiocy is far from monotonous.

Night after night dreams take over my mind, fantasies of being one of them; allowed to have my own thoughts and feelings rather than a pre-programmed drone that doesn’t have the choice to rebel against the communism at work. At least out there, among them, I wouldn’t be forced to follow the sheep; for my kind, a non-conformist is an un-uttered term.

All the emotions I have tiresomely clenched deep within me morph into uncontrollable hysteria. As if there is a sling shot of repression that formed inside of me and at last my grip ceased. With not a moment of contemplation, I fling myself out of this verdant casket, finding myself on top of several layers of filth. Freedom isn’t five star, but it’s more than worth it.

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