Animal testing.

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A hypothetical letter in defence of animals in the debate of animal testing.

Submitted: September 11, 2018

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Submitted: September 11, 2018



 I would first like to apologise for the disturbance and inform you of my outrage that I am even forced to bring forth this matter, though it has come to my attention that I no longer have a choice. The ignorance I endure relating to the debate of animal testing is intolerable. Although it has been debated widely and each side may be strongly opinionated, no one arguing is affected by the matter. And this is what I am writing to you concerning; the only ones that are, are unable to express never mind articulate their view towards being trapped in a cage; no clue where they  are or what’s happening with constant inhumane experiments being conducted, without any way to escape or even beg for mercy. We have police to severely punish people that lock up humans and torture them. But it’s common practice to do this to a supposedly inferior species for nothing more than saving some pennies. The only rights we have over these poor defenceless creatures are the ones that we created. Nature did not intend for these animals to be at our service, just as people with black skin weren’t intended to be our slaves. It took centuries to realise that the hierarchy we put in place was unjust. How long will it take for people to realise that they still haven’t learned? There were other ways of building the pyramids, but instead, yet again, they enslaved the so called inferior population; Jews. With hindsight we saw how reckless and idiotic this behaviour was. Many other effective methods are available and we choose the only one that causes an inconceivable amount of pain. Yet again we remove all humanity from ourselves with this deluded idea that we are the most important beings that ever lived. Our ego is the sole cause of the untold suffering and the only argument is convenience. I plead for you to see the blind cruelty of slathering makeup on and jabbing needles into defenceless, non-consenting animals and pursue to abolish this selfish system which the law has ignored for years.

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