Vividly Dreaming

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Submitted: September 12, 2018

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Submitted: September 12, 2018



I lay my head and grasp, I have not fully met myself as dead. This time, I am God. I fix and fix, I need another fix.

And you are Eve, We flee, we leave. I am her, she is me. Impermanence is what we seem to plead. Building again; create, escape, fixate.

If coping is not a fix, dissent gets thrown in the mix. Breathe for me, as I created you after all. Impermanence created me, Again I must withdrawal.

We decide to reap the previous God’s misfortune, Planting these cosmic roots, cultivating life, olive hooks. This, our creation, makes you God, too. When famine and illness give weigh, who created those that made?

Permanence cannot be without blame, Or cleaning messes one didn’t create. Eve does not like holding ‘God’ as her name. And God cannot hold all this blame.

Faced with adversity, All God knows is hasty retreat. Leave creation to lick it’s boot and bow on its knees. Relinquish blame unto totality, claim bleak inevitability.

Triumph or defeat are written in the stars, which created these feet That are always trembling, At Moira, which greets The irrefutable scars.

© Copyright 2018 Sadie E. McQueary. All rights reserved.

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