The Web of Compassion

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Submitted: September 12, 2018

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Submitted: September 12, 2018



The old caterpillar dies
and born is the butterfly
to be the angel of the skies
and bring joy to our lives

The butterfly may live with you
but it can survive without you

and the caterpillar is you
and you are all being abused
all of your wings are belted
causing your hearts to be melted
which in turn, is causing mine to melt too

I try to show you the way
to finally end your dismay
but you label me as part of the crew
I do not feel sorrow
not even if you all died tomorrow
but it would be kinda lonely in the zoo

The caterpillar moves slow
and the butterfly will soar
and heart ache and anguish
will come to those keeping score

You can keep yourself grounded
as the rest are flying high
But by the rules of nature
You will eventually take to the sky

You have polluted my water
and restricted the fruit of our land
I am tied to this Hell
that some would call "Neverland"

I would rather be a moth
leaving destruction and anger in my wake
I have died a sinner
and I have no wish to be fake

Created in my image
Is what I was told
But in my dreams and visions
I see nothing but Gold

I wake up to a room
shrouded in darkness and fear
not the fear of being lonely
but the feeling of YOU being near

I know the feelings mutual
but I can't be the only one to change
you keep testing the reflection
of a rabid dog in a cage

Like two wrongs in a fight
Its a storm in the light

And as our hearts get colder
our heaters will grow warmer

Hell's angels will cry
as the demons start to die

when the butterflies cut their wings loose

© Copyright 2019 Robert Jason Tate. All rights reserved.

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