The Big Shock

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Submitted: September 12, 2018

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Submitted: September 12, 2018



The Big Shock:

The young man walked into the shoe shop and couldn’t believe his eyes. The shoe shop was closing down as it was a small retail chain that belonged to much bigger retail chain. Even though the shoe shop had been running for more than ten years there was the same shoe shop a few streets away which was bigger in store size and stock. So the company had made a decision to close the smaller shop as there was no point of running two shops and instead merge it into one.
Noah had always come to the shop every year with his wife Janette and sometimes with his two sons Dylan and Jayden to buy them shoes. It felt really sad that the shop was closing. It had poster in the window which read:

Thank you for all our customers for their customs and support!
The Sassy Shoes Store Team

Noah felt all kinds of emotions. He felt sad as it was going to be Christmas in a few days’ time and the staff would either be moved to the other store or be made redundant. Also the shop was a perfect distance from his house and he would have to take a half an hour walk to the other store than his usual five.
However, he always reminded himself what his mum had said to him the one day changes have to be made and that we don’t always have a say in the matter and move on the best we can.
Before leaving the store he bought a pair of blue high heels shoes for his wife, a pair of designer trainers for his sons, and a pair of brown boots for himself. As he left the shop, he turned around and beamed and wondered what the shoe shop would become after it had been sold and renovated and then made his way home.

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