There Is No Heaven Without Angels

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: September 12, 2018

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Submitted: September 12, 2018



I will make this the very last time that, I ask you to forgive me 

I don’t know if you’ll think of this as juvenile or sweet or label me as a stalker and call me a creep 

I do know that we can be so much better than this 

So why can’t we just make amends and promise to never do this to each other again 

I didn’t think it would be like this 

I feel like I am inside of a glass bubble, to be so close to you but I am no longer close enough to be near and touch you 

It actually hurts so bad 

And now I see that there is no heaven without angels 


Is anybody ever just grateful anymore? 

Including me, how many times have I countlessly allowed shit to slip through my fingers… 

I have had nothing but time to think and reflect as I put it all in retrospect 

I am in this new place and I am all alone because I have burnt bridges and blew up my entire world 

Like my heart didn’t need a home… 

But it does and now I am stuck reflecting back on what was 

What use to be us and now… 

You won’t even look my way  

Is this the way it has to be now? 

It’s so hard to accept this new reality and now I pay for hurting her and the disrespect, damn near every day except Thursday, Friday and Sunday 

It hurts my pride to have to do this but I’ve been shamelessly begging you to stay  

Everyone knows… 

There is no Heaven, without angels 


I am on the oust with her now and I miss her every night and day 

I guess we both played our part 

Now I am walking around here, feeling like I’ve lost my heart and my friend and I can no longer pretend 

There use to be and us and now… 

You will not even look my way 

There is no Heaven without angels 

What do I have to do…  


I let a month go by and tried to distract myself and date other women  

But I still can’t let you go… 

Deep in my heart, I feel like we should have never ended 

And this ain’t like me 

It’s getting harder, not easier to pretend like I don’t care 

But on the flip side, I really do 

I place myself in your sight and try to time it just right 

So, I can just see you 

And I know I don’t show it but I really miss you 

I try to send you text messages to show you I still care 

Not to come off creepy and leave you feeling alarmed 

And I am sorry for my disrespect when I promised to do no harm 

Your messages can be cold and hit hard but I remain and tell myself to stand strong 

Because nobody seems to replace the way this woman feels in my arms 


I can lie to everyone else and say that I am not pressed but the truth is I have been stressed 

I know, that I fucked up but how many more days do I have to spend without you 

I wanted us to be everlasting friends because the bond we have you do not find ever year, month or day 

That’s why...fuck my pride, it’s all to the side 

While, I shamelessly beg you to stay 

I know, I know that I royally messed up but just like the sun misses a flower, I miss you 

Please hold on and please stay 

There is no Heaven, without angels 

What more can I say  

© Copyright 2019 Tamaya Gunn. All rights reserved.

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