Warlock f: an overpowered team-up

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Elijah and Erick were suddenly sent to the sixth wall to kill the four dragons there. The two must now team-up in order to survive.

Submitted: September 12, 2018

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Submitted: September 12, 2018



Blackness. Such a common word to describe the sixth wall. It had nothing interesting going on other than the dark color. But, this wasn’t the only thing the sixth wall held. In the center of it all is a white cube that glowed brightly like a beacon in the darkness. This was the fifth wall, it was a realm that made everything possible.


Guarding this cube were four universal sized dragons. All of them were white in color, glowing brightly as well. These four guarded the cube with their lives, circling around it and slowly flapping their gigantic wings. They growled, glaring into the cube as they sensed a disturbance.


Inside the cube, two individuals came out of two different portals. One had jet black hair that fell down his shoulders. He wore rectangular-shaped eyeglasses over his dull black eyes. He donned a black polo with the sleeves pulled up and black slacks, and black shoes to match it.


The other had black hair on his right and white on his left. His eyes were different too. He had blood red on his right along with a scar. His left side had an Emerald green color to it, making it seem like his colors seemed random. He donned a red shirt which had it sleeves pulled out and had a purple cross resting against his chest. Below, he had black trousers and black boots.


They both got up, grunting painfully, “Elijah” the one with all black hair called, staring at the one with two different hair color.


He glared at the man, “Erick” he called.


Erick frowned, “Why are you here?” he asked, a slightly confused look on his face.


“How the hell should I know!?” he growled angrily, gritting his teeth. “I was just in the bed with Kathrina and suddenly I’m in this… piece of shit you call a realm” he mocked, staring around at the white space.


“Watch your tongue, Elijah or-”

“I command you, Reaper, you watch your-”


Before Elijah could finish, Erick crashed his fist at Elijah’s face, “Nobody commands me” he grumbled, glaring at Elijah as he held his cheek.


Elijah felt offended, Erick had just punched him. How dare him! He should listen to him, he was the lord of the Grim Reapers; Erick was his to command. “You…” he muttered, swinging his fist and crashing it at Erick’s chest.


“I forgot I erased your memories” he said, holding his chest as he glared at Elijah. “So you know what…” he muttered, his fist glowing green. “Let me make you remember through pain” he said, crashing his fist at Elijah’s face again.


With that punch, he remembered who this Erick was. It wasn’t the Erick from his universe, it was the Guardian Watcher of the ‘My Teacher, Death’ universe. “Oh, now I remember” he spoke, glaring at Erick as he stood straight. “You confuse me with the Erick in my universe” he said.


Erick smirked, “That Erick is nothing but a clone of mine” he explained, fixing his glasses.


Elijah smirked, “That explains why he’s weak” he said.


Erick frowned, “So I assume you’re finally a Daegelus, I never thought you’d look like that” he said, staring at Elijah’s face. “You almost look like my son” he said, wearing a smirk.


Elijah shrugged, walking around the white room, “How is Kathrina?” he asked, staring back at Erick.


He fixed his glasses once again, “Kathrina’s fine, how’s the Wizard?” he asked, also walking around the white room and summoning a glass of water.


“Why do you care?” he growled.


Erick shrugged, “I just want to know, that boy’s got me interested you can say. His name reminds me of the name I thought of naming my son” he said, shaking the glass of water with his hand.


Elijah sighed, “Eurie is okay. He is a strong warrior but horrible at everything else” he answered, staring up at the ceiling. Due to everything being white, it felt like the ceiling was endless. “Can we stop talking and figure out why we’re both here?” he asked rudely, sharply turning his head to Erick.


“Calm down, Eli” Erick said, walking towards him with a smile.


“Do not call me tha-”


“You can’t stop me” Erick immediately responded. “You know this will just end with both of us in a draw if you try to swing that fist of yours” he said, taking in the glass of water as Elijah’s slowly calmed down, deforming his fists.


Elijah glared at him, he hated how calm he was right now. He wanted to destroy that smug attitude of his, but he couldn’t. He knew if he attacked, Erick would fight back, and he knew none of them would win, making it all pointless. “You win, old man” he said, “I will call a temporary truce until both of us could get out of here” he said.


Erick smiled, “Good, for a second there I thought I’d have to beat some sense into you” he said smugly. Irritated, Elijah gritted his teeth and prepared to attack. “Calm your ego, I’ll explain” he said, holding out his hand.


“I am here because it’s that time of the millennia where I have to kill those dragons outside. I supposed you’re here because-”


“I thought you might need a hand” came a female voice. Both looked up and saw a girl descending down towards them. She had long red hair, going past her shoulders and emerald green eyes. “Long time no see, Erick” she greeted happily, wearing a smile as she waved at Erick.


Erick smiled, “I had an idea you were behind this, my next guess was the person typing this dialogue” he said, folding his arms.


“Yeah, he’s definitely not the cause of this” Kathrina said, her eyes swaying away from them. “Anyways, I brought you Elijah because I feel like he’ll be able to help you accomplish this task a lot faster” she said, waving her hand at Elijah.


“What do I get out of this?” Elijah grumbled, folding his arms irritably.


Kathrina frowned, “Helping him would give you an actual fight” she said.


Elijah glared at him, “I have said it before, I do not want to fight. I want nothing more than to go back and protect Mai Rabu” he growled, walking towards the Guardian Watcher.


Erick frowned, “Well you are out of luck, I am the only who can send you back and if you don’t help me, I won’t send you back” Erick said, glaring at Elijah.


“What?” Elijah asked, staring at Kathrina.


She laughed nervously, “Yeah it was a one way trip” she said, before disappearing. Elijah growled angrily, he was going to find that Guardian Watcher and teach her a lesson, using another kind of force.


“You okay?” Erick asked, a smug grin. “Don’t worry, even if we failed, I’ll send you back. I know what you and your wife is going through. Trust me” he said, staring back at his hand as he frowned seriously.


Elijah frowned, staring back at Erick. He felt no need to use his Jikato to confirm what he said, from the frown Erick made, what he said was true. He remembered Richard, and the talk they had while preparing to escape the Celestial City. He talked about at how he lost his mother due to his birth. He sighed, “Let us do this then” he said, walking towards Erick.


“Great” Erick grinned, both of them disappearing from the white room.


They reappeared on top of the white cube, both staring at the four massive dragons who circled the already massive cube. “And there they are” he said as all the dragons flew up to glare at the two. “Careful, they are being that exist beyond reality and whatever world you’re in, they can easily hurt you and kill you” he said, summoning his simplistic scythe.


Elijah nodded, his horns and wings coming out as he held out his hand and summoned his own scythe. “This will be fun” he said, wearing a grin as he stared up at one of the dragons. Their presence alone told him that they were powerful, maybe even more powerful than the two of them.


“Talk about exaggeration” Erick muttered, staring at Elijah’s scythe. Compared to his simple scythe, Elijah’s was a lot more detailed and had a lot going on.  


Elijah smirked, “Jealous?” he asked.


Erick shook his head slowly, “Hardly, I hate exaggeration” he growled, glaring at the scythe. “Well, anyways, I’ll take two and you take the same” he said, spinning his scythe around as he looked at two dragons glaring at him evilly. “No need to hold back either, you’ll just get yourself killed” were Erick’s last words before he disappeared and reappeared in front of the dragon’s face.


He swung his scythe forward, making quite a cut at the dragon’s nose. It wasn’t massive, but it was big enough for the dragon to get irritated and open its mouth. A burst of white flames came out, enveloping Erick inside it.


Elijah frowned, staring at his opponent. He dashed forward but unlike Erick, he started at the dragon’s massive scaly torso. He dragged his scythe in a spiral way, leaving a long cut the spilled red blood everywhere. He slowly made his way up at the dragon’s head, glaring into its white eyes. He yelled angrily, plunging his scythe at the dragon’s eye.


But nothing happened as the dragon disappeared and reappeared behind him. Elijah sharply turned around but he wasn’t fast enough as the dragon opened its mouth and sank a single tooth at Elijah’s right half of his body.


He yelled angrily in pain, his right half bleeding crazily. With just one tooth, he was able to damage him. He had been warned by Erick that they were able to hurt him, but he never expected this quick. Slowly, his body turned into a black mist as he escaped from the clenches of the dragon’s mouth. The tooth of the dragon sank straight into his shoulder, causing his arm to pop out, leaving blood to spurt out violently.


He dropped on top of the fifth wall and glared evilly at the dragon as it screeched loudly at him. At the same time, Erick also dropped down on top of the fifth wall, his clothes and skin riddled with burns. Erick stared at Elijah, “You can heal right?” he asked.


Elijah frowned, “Of course” he said, his right arm growing back. “You?” he asked, staring back at Erick.


He grinned, “Do I even need to answer?” he said smugly, the burns on his skin disappearing. “But we’re not the only ones with this kind of rapid healing” he continued, staring at the white dragons. A green glow came from the cuts they made, which quickly healed the cuts.


Elijah gritted his teeth, “So how do we kill these dragons?” he asked.


“Everyone has their weakness, Elijah. And their weakness are their eyes” he said pointing to the dragons’ pupil less eyes. “The dragons are precise on their attacks, because if they were careless they’d destroy the fifth wall and the four other walls. They rely on their eyes to see their attackers which is why we need to take their eyes first. Then we ripped their hearts out” he continued.


“Take out the eyes then the heart” Elijah said, grabbing the snath of his scythe with both hands as he flapped his wings.


Erick frowned, “Hold on” he said, grabbing Elijah’s shoulder. “I swear you’re as impatient as my students” he sighed, fixing his glasses.


“Do not to-”


“Calm your shit, Elijah” Erick snapped, tightening his grip on his shoulder. “Look, it is clear to me that if we fight individually, one of us is going to end up dead” he said, “We have to work together to take them out, instead of splitting up” he continued, a stern tone in his voice.


Elijah scowled at him evilly. Working together with someone wasn’t really his strong suit. But Erick was right. The best way to survive this fight was if they would use their abilities together instead of separately. He sighed, “Fine” he said reluctantly.


Erick smiled, “Then come closer, I will tell you the plan, or did you already read my mind?” he asked, folding his arms as he spot Elijah’s jikato activated.


Elijah smirked, “It is way faster than telling me” he said, staring up at the dragon that took out Erick. “Allow me to do my part” he said, flapping his wings as he flew up at the dragon. He swung his scythe towards the eye but like before, the dragon disappeared.


But unlike before, they were prepared. Elijah smirked as the dragon reappeared from behind, slowly turning to face it. It opened its mouth, roaring loudly as it flew closer to eat Elijah. But it didn’t get the chance as Erick came from above with two scythes. As he descended, he stabbed the scythes at the dragon’s eyes, causing blood to come out like running water. It fell down the cube, causing the fifth wall to be stained with blood.


Then, Erick’s size grew as he pulled both of the scythes back, taking the two massive eyeballs with it. The dragon screeched loudly, its head looking up. Erick dropped the scythes and gripped tightly on the dragon as it waved its head around violently, “Elijah, now!” Erick yelled as he used his strength to control the dragon. It was like being taken on a bull ride, only a lot more dangerous.


Elijah didn’t hesitate, he activated his hybrid-Jikato and went inside the dragon’s chest. Five seconds later, he made another hole to come out of. He held a massive black heart by his hand, his entire body covered in a sticky black blood.


The dragon roared loudly in the air as its rough and scaly white skin turned to a stony dull gray color. But it didn’t end there. Erick plunged his scythe down the head of the dragon, causing the stone to crack. It started small at the head but it became bigger and bigger as it progressed down to the torso until it shattered into dust. “What?” Elijah spoke, dropping the heart as Erick dropped down at the floor.


“It’s an ability of mine” he said, catching his scythe with two of his fingers, “I am able to turn any inanimate object into dust” Erick explained. But he stared in surprise as he saw Elijah staring directly into his eyes, a horrified look on his face.


Elijah had been known for wiping his entire race, and ever since then, it had left him depressed. But it didn’t compare to what he saw inside Erick. Due to his ability to see past crimes, he had seen all of Erick’s. He saw hundreds of galaxies being destroyed by a single slash of his scythe. He saw more than trillions of different species being wiped out with one slash.


But he saw Erick amongst the death, and he saw him crying with black tears. Why was he crying? He stared at his hands, seeing his lose grip on his scythe. His grip on the scythe, the hunch on his back, and that teary expression, Elijah could tell that he didn’t intend to do this crime. But a crime was still a crime.


“Hey!” came Erick’s voice as he was sent back to reality by a punch straight to his face. “You’re invading someone’s privacy” he continued, glaring at Elijah angrily as he dropped to the ground.


“You…” Elijah grumbled, getting back up to his feet as he held his cheek. “You have killed countless beings, you must be judged” he said.


Erick smirked, “Be my guest” he taunted.


Elijah was about to move but hesitated as he stared directly at his lifeless eyes. Even though they were lifeless, he knew he was hiding a great depression inside. “You’ve seen it didn’t you? But you have no idea what happened back then” Erick said, tucking his hand inside his pocket.


“What happened?” Elijah grumbled.


Erick sighed, “There’s an enemy of mine I’ve been trying to stop ever since he made that accursed deal with the devil. He was immortal, a being that once hurt to a specific thing, learns to adapt and be immune to it” he explained. “I’ve fought him countless times and over those countless times, I have killed thousands of galaxies because of him” he continued, a depressed look appearing on his face. “That vision you saw was just a summary as I killed galaxies slowly instead of that one slash” he continued, pointing to Elijah’s forehead.


“And this massacre- no genocide- of yours left you depressed?” Elijah added.


Erick nodded, “A lot them were new species, a lot were old that were close to dying peacefully, the others were at their prime, and I ruined all their lives because of an endless battle with an unkillable enemy” he said, looking down. “They were all collateral and what’s worse is that every image of those I killed that time are stuck in my mind for eternity, a reminder of what my careless actions had done” he continued.


In some way, he could relate to Erick. Both of them had killed a lot of people although he could tell Erick had it worse as he killed a lot more than he did. “I was supposed to give them safe passage to the next life but all I did was end them, and a person killed by the reaper doesn’t go to hell or heaven” Erick said, his hands forming into fists. “Instead, they would spent their afterlife in a black void like this one” he continued.


“Erick” Elijah muttered, seeing Erick’s sad frown, “We have to move, there is a dragon right behind you” he said, breaking up the sad mood.


Erick sighed, “You take the eyes out this time” he said, a black mist surrounding him as he vanished. Due to this, the incoming dragon headed straight for Elijah as it opened its mouth.


He prepared himself, twisting his scythe around as Erick reappeared from above, ready to plunge another pair of scythes at the dragon’s eye. But like before, it disappeared in an instant. Elijah sharply turned around, ready to get the dragon when it reappears.


But as it reappeared in front of him, another dragon came in from the right and ate him up. It flew up, the jerked its head down as it spat Elijah. He dropped to the ground, eyeing the dragon as it came down and plunged one of its gigantic nails at Elijah and lifted him up. He yelled in pain as the dragon flew around and threw him.


Luckily, Erick came in and caught the Daegelus, “Shit, they begun to move all at once” he said as the dragons started circling around him. “We have to think of a new strategy” he continued.


Elijah shoved Erick away as he stood upright, “Your plans are stupid, I will take command now” he said, pointing to himself.


Erick frowned but shrugged as he let Elijah take command for the time being. Elijah looked around, the problem with their battlefield was it’s too open. He could’ve used the field to his advantage but there wasn’t any to work with. “We lead them down there. That is their weakness” he said, pointing to the ground below.


“You must have forgotten these are smart dragons” Erick countered, folding his arms. “But your plan doesn’t sound bad. I’ll play bait and you do whatever you need to do” he said, transforming into his reaper form then circling around the white dragons in an attempt to lure them to him.


The dragons’ heads sharply turned to Erick as they followed him away from the cube, then back down at the surface of the cube. But the dragon’s stopped midway, like he expected. “I’m right here” he said, stretching out his arms as a way of taunting.


The dragons remained where they were, not making a single move. “Elijah where the fuck are you?” Erick asked but as he looked around, he had noticed Elijah was gone. He sighed and rolled his eyes, “Guess I’ll have to handle this on my own” he said, spinning his scythe around then heading towards the one in the middle.


As he closed in on the dragon, Elijah came bursting out on top of the dragon, carrying another black heart by his hand. “Oh, that’s where you went” he muttered as the dragon turned to stone like the last one. He tilted his head and placed his finger against the dragon’s nose, causing it to crack and turn to dust.


“Change strategy!” Erick yelled, punching the dragon before it could come any close. But as he caught up with Elijah, the other two dragons followed and were inching closer to him. “These dragons adapt” he said, “It’s my turn to think of a plan”


Elijah frowned, dropping the heart, “What is your plan?” he asked as Erick caught up.


Before Erick could say anything, the dragons caught up and circled around him, breathing white flaems at the two of them. The burning feeling was unlike anything Elijah had ever encountered. It was a lot hotter than his or anyone’s flame he has encountered. It was like bathing in a million blue stars, it burnt him and if it wasn’t for his healing, he could’ve died. “Do you have to go through this every millennia?” he asked, looking at Erick over his shoulder.


“Yes, although their flames get stronger every time I kill them” Erick said, standing straight. “Elijah, we can extinguish this- or rather cut this in half” he said, “Swing the scythe with all the strength you have” he said, wearing a smile as he held his scythe back.


Elijah frowned but followed, and at the same time, both swung their scythes. The strength of the swing was able to cut the flames in half and finally freed both of them, “I don’t know in your universe but know that a true reaper, it be the creator or just a regular one, can kill anything and anyone if he desires to” he said, smiling at Elijah.


“Anything?” Elijah asked, staring at his scythe.


Erick nodded, “Everything is meant to die, nothing will escape death” he continued. “But Elijah, know this: do not let your power get over your head” he continued, a stern tone in his voice.


“I get it” Elijah snapped, glaring at Erick.


Erick frowned, “If you say so” he shrugged, a skeptical look on his face. He knew that it was too late, that Elijah already had god complex, but he wanted to at least try and prevent anything dangerous happen. But it seemed he failed, and he knew Kathrina would just erase his memory after this. “Let us do something unorthodox” he said.


“Which is?”


“Transform into your Daegelus form” he said. Having complete trust in him, Elijah transformed into his Daegelus form, appearing as a black dragon surrounded by a mist of the same color. He didn’t felt the need to not trust Erick. He had proven himself to be trustworthy to everything, even when they were at the Celestial city. “Alright, charge into one of the dragons while I hover above you, I know I can’t ride you” he said, shifting into his reaper form.


Elijah nodded, swooping in at one of the dragons. At the same time, Erick began counting as he slowly turned around and held his scythe forward, “Another thing, death will always find a way to take the souls of those he desires” he lectured as Elijah went straight into the dragon but like before, it vanished.


“No matter how hard the challenge, no matter how long it takes, it will come for you, and you cannot stop it” he continued, as the dragon reappeared behind Elijah and Erick swooped in and flew up. The tip of the scythe connected to the skin of the dragon as Erick continued flying up until he cut the dragon in half with heart stabbed into the scythe.


“One more” Erick muttered, glaring at the dragon.


Elijah reverted to his normal form as he stood beside Erick, “I have a question: Do you have any advice on being a father?” Elijah suddenly asked.


“Kathrina?” Erick asked, staring at him at the corner of his eye. “It’s unexpected of you to ask something like this” he said, wearing a smirk.


Elijah frowned, “Answer me!” he growled, an irritated look on his face.


“Death must be calm, to show he is better than anyone” he said, a smug look appearing on his face. “You can treat your son however you want, but remember to let him speak out and say what he wants to say to you. Do not forget kindness. But most important of all, make your child happy. Make it so that when he remembers you, he forms a smile instead of a frown. Make it so that when he reminisce the times you bonded, the tears are happy and not of sadness” he said as a single tear fell down his eye.


“I am guessing you failed to make yours happy?” Elijah asked.


Erick nodded, “He couldn’t stop himself from blaming himself for his mother’s death. But now that she’s back, it’s like for the first time in all my life I’ve seen my son smile genuinely” he continued, a smile on his face. A flash of a memory hit his mind. It was of Richard wearing a smile as he stared at him. He remembered that day he cried happily and hugged his son, because he was finally happy.


Elijah sighed but smiled, “Arigato” he spoke. “Now let us kill this dragon and end this” he said, gripping the sword tightly.




Both charged in different direction to create a pincer maneuver. And as Elijah came closer, the dragon disappeared. But they were prepared for this as the dragon reappeared behind Elijah, so did Erick who dived down towards it.


But the dragon expected it and slammed his massive tail at Erick, sending him down at the floor of the cube. Elijah glared at the dragon, gripping his scythe tightly then throwing it. The dragon disappeared again, reappearing behind Elijah. He knew this and so in an instant, he appeared in front of the dragon and punched its eye. Then he moved onto the next, punching it as well. “I am death, I will kill you and get back to my wife and kid” he declared, summoning his scythe and plunging it at the dragon’s eye.


Erick recovered quickly stabbing the second eye with his scythe. The dragon screeched loudly as it moved violently, making it hard for them to find an opening to get the heart. But that wouldn’t stop both of them, for they are both death, they couldn’t be stop.


The wings were a problem. It was too big that they would get washed away should they come in contact with it. Both swooped at the dragon’s chest and cut the dragon’s wings. The wings slowly healed, unlike the other injuries which healed really quickly, these wings were slowly healing. “I can guess, I think it’s because a combination of the length of the wing and our weapons that’s slowing down the healing process”


“It doesn’t matter! Erick, head straight in the chest and grabbed the heart!” Elijah yelled as he cut the dragon’s tail, feet, and head off.


Erick nodded, making no hesitation in plunging himself inside the dragon’s chest. He came back shortly after, with a black heart by his hand. The dragon didn’t screeched as its healing took too long and instead of turning into stone, the dragon turned into dust in an instant. “It’s a side effect of me entering someone” Erick said as Elijah went down at the ground and was about to ask him.


“Well, we did it” Elijah spoke, staring at the pile of dust at the far left corner of the cube. “Can I return now?” he asked.


Erick smiled, “Are you sure you don’t have any other questions regarding parenthood?” he asked, folding his arms as the smug face he wore returned.


Elijah frowned, “None that I need help with” he shrugged. “Why were you saying all that shit about death?” he asked.


Erick chuckled, “Well, it is kind of lonely when you’re the only one in your universe who’s death” he answered, holding his face with his hand. “And also because I take it Opus and my other me just explained what you can do, not what it means” he said.


Elijah nodded


Erick sighed, “I supposed they want you to learn it the hard way. Just don’t let you ego get the best of you” he said, waving his hand around.


A black portal soon appeared. “You are free to go” he said.


As Elijah walked in front of the portal, he hesitated and turned around, “What will happen to the dragons?” he asked.


Erick stared back at the pile of ash, “They will return in due time. The reason I need to kill them every one thousand years is to clean them up and rejuvenate them because they do get old” he answered. “Anything else?” he asked.


“Not a lot, can you tell me again how is the Kathrina in this world?” he asked.


“she is happy, I bet even happier if she met someone like you or if she met you. Right now, she seems to be taking interest in my son” Erick replied, wearing a grin as Elijah frowned slowly.


He knew it wasn’t his Kathrina but he help but feel angry that she was liking someone that wasn’t him. “I will go now. Erick, take care” he said, wearing a sincere smile. “Or you will be judged” he continued.


“Bullcrap, you can’t judge me for I am death” he said.


“and so am I” Elijah replied, walking into the portal before it closed.


Erick smiled, chuckling before a cloud of black mist surrounded him and he vanished



© Copyright 2020 rickybelmont. All rights reserved.

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