A Thread of Hope

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"A Thread of Hope" is a novel that speaks to lovers of love but especially for those in need of hope.

The setting of this novel by Patrice Hannah is in Ascal Manse and dates back to the 18th century when the practice of arranged marriage was quite prevalent especially in royal families, women married at a younger age and it was a privilege for anybody especially women to be introduced into the royal family. The book is similar to a Cinderella story in which a handsome bachelor in the royal line falls in love with a young woman from a low social class. In this book,the Chief Lord of Aligoron has been separated from Dellaria due to the fact that she was trifling with another man while they were married. Dellaria may have fallen in love with Breccan,the Chief Lord of Aligoron because of his status but the way their story ended proves that fame and material possession might have attracted Dellaria into a relationship with the Chief Lord of Aligoron (Breccan), but could not keep her. She later married her true love who is of course of a lower social class in comparison to Breccan Ascalden. Breccan's mother (The Dowager) might have thought that a physically desirable woman of a high social class will be suitable for her son considering his status but knowing who her son is, she soon realizes that he needs a woman of character. She approaches Angerona Sheridan who is an orphan and a woman of a low social class but also modest and respectable. Angerona Sheridan, who is in a bad financial state and just desperately needs a job accepts the Dowager's offer to be her companion and also attract the attention of the Dowager's son so that he may consider her. Angerona accepts the Dowager's offer not because of the longing to be part of the royal family but because of how bad her financial state is. Jacquelin Cranford on the other hand, seems to be a great match for Breccan considering his status. Jacquelin is very desirable physically but has a childish personality and her substandard character is what repels Breccan. The friendship between Breccan Ascalden and Yoreh Gunfield seems quite formal given that they have been childhood friends but it's quite understandable because of Breccan's royal upbringing. Breccan's meeting with Angerona is love at first sight because it seems there are some rare qualities Breccan has been searching for in a woman that he would want to be his wife and he immediately found it in Angerona on his first meeting with her. Breccan is someone whose faith though failing but has good moral standards. Angerona helps restore his faith in God. Though Angerona is financially destitute and has no material value to add to the royal family,she offers much more and wins Breccan's love. Also, Angerona though from a low social class, gets quickly accustomed to royal lifestyle. Angerona restores Breccan's hope in God. Marrying the Lord of Aligoron also means financial security. Hence, her hope for a better life is restored and she finds true love in a place she least expects.

Submitted: September 12, 2018

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