Couple Enjoys Early Autumn Anniversary Celebration

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A Christian couple celebrates an early autumn anniversary.

Submitted: September 12, 2018

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Submitted: September 12, 2018



By Greg Miller © 2018


Summer’s hot and hazy days had slowly, yet quickly traveled down time’s well-worn pathway, turning the leaves of familiar scenes into shades of windblown memories.


Hand-in-hand, Cade and his wife, Courtney, walked down the path leading from their home in a cozy, country setting to a stream that flowed through the middle of their property. As they walked, they talked about their decades of happiness together.


Cade had not forgotten! Today was Courtney’s birthday, as well as the couples’ 30th wedding anniversary. “Happy birthday, sweetheart!” Cade smiled, innocently and simultaneously reaching into a front pants pocket and retrieving a small square box. “And happy anniversary!”


Cade dropped to one knee, continuing to hold Courtney’s hand and clinging to the small box. He handed the box to Courtney, who feigned a smile.


“Will you marry me…again?” Cade said, with an unmistaken glow of love on his face. “He took an exquisite diamond treasure from the box, delicately and gently sliding the gift onto the ring finger of Courtney’s left hand.


Courtney had become accustomed to - and was totally thrilled by - Cade’s annual ritual proposal.  “You know I will!” she beamed enthusiastically.


Cade arose from his kneeling position and asked the familiar question: “Would you like to eat dinner this evening at our favorite restaurant?”


“You’re talking about the one where I accepted your first proposal, right?” inquired Courtney.


“That’s right, the one with the gigantic heart on the window!”


Simultaneously, the twosome exclaimed, “’Our restaurant’…that’s right!”


Cade and Courtney arrived at their destination, entered the restaurant and Cathy, their favorite waitress, greeted them with a heart-warming smile. “Hi, Courtney and Cade!” Cathy said. Welcome to your favorite ‘anniversary dinner restaurant.’”


Knowing that the couple always feasted on the same dinner of steak and crab legs for each anniversary, Cathy told the diners she would return in a few minutes with their food. “Thanks, Cathy!” Courtney said.


“Yes, we really appreciate it!” Cade said.


About 10 minutes later, Cathy returned with the anniversary dinner. Cade remembered that it was Courtney’s turn to ask God to bless the food. Courtney prayed a prayer of thanksgiving, and the couple enjoyed their meal.


Back at home, the couple reflected on their evening together. “Thank you, darling, for a lovely evening,” said Cade.


“Thank you, Cade, for a wonderful marriage,” remarked Courtney.


“You know, I enjoy these anniversary dinners more than anything in the world,” observed Cade. “I believe I could repeat this every night instead of every year.”


“That would be great, except for one thing,” Courtney said.


“What’s that?”


“That would be entirely too much fun for every night! About once a year is all I can handle that much fun!”



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