Petals Of A Gypsy

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It is impossible to imagine a more complete fusion with nature than that of the Gypsy.

Franz Liszt

Submitted: September 12, 2018

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Submitted: September 12, 2018



Petals Of A Gypsy

Deeper and Deeper

My vivid emotions are scaling steeper and steeper

Falling into the enrapture of my sweet abyss

I can’t swim, holding on for a floating reminisce

No breaths of rescue, but empty perceptions amiss

A thrilling rollercoaster ride to surrender under my nature’s womanly creed

Endangered narratives, so allow my emotions for once to just softly bleed

No Band-Aid needed, just permit it to seep and go

Merging the essence of my heart and soul as it flows

Let my eyes see things undone

No need to straighten things out, this is my salvation, I have fought and won

I have lifted myself out of the element of solitude

My mind screams out for peace among gratitude

If feels so good for the mind to have no plans

Just me, myself, and I where I presently stand

Gypsy girl without my banjo

Dancing in the wilderness, the winds shaping, enlightening me from head to toe

In the midst of the sweetest brain freeze

No time to get back down on my knees

I am loving to just write as I please

The rambling over spilling, unchained, and running free

My ability to shelve my salacious creed

For the first time, I will allow someone else to take the wheel

Lead my heart into the dark world of forbidden passion to fulfill

I refuse to find my one way

My thoughts within self is quiet and peaceful as a child learning to play

Blue skies on the horizon, making tender love to my mind

For once, separating myself from my presence, my time

No designs, yet, grateful for God’s echoing chimes

I can walk, I can run, I can soar

No restraints holding me down, refusing to bust down a hurried door

Feel so good as naked as I am

Flying high without the constrains of man

Eyes wide open

The winds carrying my thoughts have spoken

Reality advising me this is not a dream

My mind is suspended in a state of total serene

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