Down With The Policy Maker!

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I got into trouble with someone high-ranking over challenging a policy they implemented and tried a punish me for violating - but it was not a fair policy and unreasonably handled. I challenged it
and, still somewhat annoyed by the lack of humanity in people these days and how everyone is a robot following stupid, pointless rules and wasting time enforcing them, I came up with this. Not by
any means a masterpiece - more me venting, but I hope that the human beings out there will find it relatable nevertheless.

Submitted: September 12, 2018

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Submitted: September 12, 2018



Bring Down the Policy Maker!


We, the people – not you, the robots.

We know your type.

Victims of your worthless regulations.

Subjects over whom you cowardly lord.


We know your tricks.

Lies, deception, dishonesty, irrationality.

Lacking reason and morality.

How truly contemptible you scum are.


Oblivious to real life,

So detatched,

So totally distant from any understanding,

Hidden away behind your bulletproof policy.


Well schooled and well hated, and not well loved.

A person worthy of utter contempt.

Who would frame and punish the innocent

To achieve your own ends.


We loathe your type.

With your ‘progressive’ ideas we plunge into the past.

A past lacking justice or fairness.

A future holding no hope, encouraging strife and increasing failure.


You are a malice this world doesn’t need.

And would be better off without.

So, to all policy makers out there.

May you all be brought down!



Bring down the policy maker!

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